6:30 AM/5:30 CT Bloomberg Morning News

7:00/6:00 Sesame Street
[CC] (#3636)

8:00/7:00 Barney & Friends
[CC] "Grandparents Are Grand!" (#202)

8:30/7:30 Arthur
[CC] "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers/Draw!" Arthur and his 3rd-grade friends solve their dilemmas with imagination, kindness, and humor. Based on the books by Marc Brown. (#201)

9:00/8:00 Learn to Read
[K/ V] A KET-produced series designed to teach basic reading skills to adults. (#18)

9:30/8:30 Math Basics
[K/ V] "Dimensions" Math skills for adults taught in an accessible format. A KET production. (#9)

10:00/9:00 Body Electric
Low-impact exercises. (#1110)

10:30/9:30 JoAnna Lund's HELP Yourself
"A Heartwarming Dinner" Healthy cooking for real people. (#109)

11:00/10:00 The Magic School Bus

11:30/10:30 Wishbone
[CC] "Paw Prints of Thieves" (#124)

12:00/11:00 Storytime
[CC] Guest celebrities and a puppet named Kino read stories for young children. (#102)

12:30/11:30 Barney & Friends
[CC] "Falling for Autumn!" (#201)

1:00/12:00 First and Foremost
"Toys That Teach Found at Home" (#2)

1:15/12:15 First and Foremost
"Living and Learning with the One-Eyed Monster (Television)" (#14)

1:30/12:30 First and Foremost
"Let's Eat" (#16)

1:45/12:45 First and Foremost
"When Your Child Is Sick" (#20)

2:00/1:00 The Western Tradition I
[CC] "The Byzantine Empire" (#15)

2:30/1:30 The Western Tradition I
[CC] "The Fall of Byzantium" (#16)

3:00/2:00 Barney & Friends
[CC] "Grandparents Are Grand!" (#202)

3:30/2:30 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
[CC] "Mad Feelings" (#1691)

4:00/3:00 Sesame Street
[CC] (#3636)

5:00/4:00 Reading Rainbow
[CC] "Always My Dad" (#1202)

5:30/4:30 Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?
[CC] History game show. (#206)

6:00/5:00 Learn to Read
[K/ V] A KET-produced series designed to teach basic reading skills to adults. (#21)

6:30/5:30 Nightly Business Report

7:00/6:00 The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
[CC] (#5980)

8:00/7:00 Kentucky Tonight
[CC/ K/ V] A live KET production on issues confronting Kentuckians. Bill Goodman hosts. (#102097)

9:00/8:00 Stephen Hawking's Universe
[CC] (Part 2 of 6) "The Big Bang" Explores the idea that the universe originated in an explosion of inconceivable magnitude. (#102)

10:00/9:00 The Human Language
[CC] (Part 1 of 3) "Discovering the Human Language: Colorless Green Ideas" Explores some of the mysteries of human languages, including shared attributes of the world's 5,000 languages and the difficulty of explaining fundamental principles of language. (#101)

11:00/10:00 Captioned News: WKYT-TV

11:30/10:30 Computer Chronicles
[CC] "Net Advertising Primer" (0 hr, 30 mins) (#1504)

Sign-off is at 12:00AM/5:28.

[CC] = closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired
[K] = KET or Kentucky program
[V] = Available on videotape from KET; call (800) 945-9167 for information.

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