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Three years ago, we introduced Latitude, a new line of business notebooks with exceptional power, durability, connectivity and battery life. Our newest notebook, the Latitude CP, includes all the benefits you've come to expect from a Latitude, but with a size and weight you might find surprising.

Optimized For Mobility

New sleek design at only 1.5" thick (1.7" for 13.3" display)
Weighs as little as 5.3 pounds with the travel module (still weighs
under 6.5 pounds with the CD-ROM and 13.3" display)
New modular design supports user-customizable configurations
and travel weights
Modular bay supports two standard-sized batteries
The 1.44MB floppy drive and 20X* variable CD-ROM drive can
be interchanged easily
New travel module gives you the ultimate in lightweight travel

High Performance, Full Function

Advanced Intel® Pentium® processors with MMX™ technology
Incorporates Intel's Processor Module technology
Your choice of:
166 or 233 MHZ Pentium processors with crisp 12.1" SVGA
active matrix display
233 MHZ Pentium processor with vivid 13.3" XGA active
matrix display

32MB EDO RAM, expandable to 128MB
Your choice of user-removable 2.1, 3.2 or 4.0GB hard drives
Advanced 128bit graphics acclerator
PCI architecture for outstanding performance

Outstanding Battery Performance

Dell's unique ExpressCharge™ feature allows you to charge
your battery in about an hour
Long-lasting Smart Lithium-Ion batteries
Add a standard-sized second battery for extra long life

Reliability and Durability

HyperCool™ hybrid thermal management system

    Advanced ventilation and thermal management system
    designed to keep your notebook running cool
Dell's unique Strike Zone™ resonating-shock-frequency damper
helps protect your hard drive... and your valuable data!

Robust Connectivity

Full support for two Type I/II PC Cards or one Type III PC Card
Supports Zoom Video and CardBus
Simple, yet advanced docking and port replication options
Versatile and affordable docking thanks to the new C/Dock
Expansion Station**

Integrated 3Com 10/100 Fast Ethernet — Media bay accepts
CP options
The C/Port Advanced Port Replicator offers simple, practical
port replication and network connections
Complete access to your desktop connections in just seconds

Superior Service and Support

Award-winning service and support includes three-year warranty
and next business day (NBD) on-site service
Help minimize your downtime, maximize your uptime, and lower
your total computing costs

Standard International Traveler's Service

*20X max./9.3X min. CD-ROM drive

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