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Shvatz Up?
Use NAME, ID, and CLASS to tell scripts and stylesheets which Shvatz is which [Continue][Continue]

Get tools, techniques, and strategies from the Web's top innovators at Wired's Web Publisher 98

End media excesses fast with Katz's five rules for an ethical press

Opera 3.0 has limits, says Boutin, but it's the fastest browser around

Mix world travel and brainteasing as Nova Online's producer

Veen says Opera, the VW Beetle of browsers, lives up to its buzz

Learn how browser plug-ins deliver movies, sound, and other fun stuff

[Site Overview]
A how-to guide to building Web sites
[arrow] Get the fundamentals in day one of Webmonkey's JavaScript tutorial
[arrow] JavaScript, day two: String magic, image swapping, and if-then fun
[arrow] Day three: Use JavaScript's DOM to control browser windows and frames
[arrow] Day four: Wrapping up JavaScript syntax: Loops, arrays, and functions
[arrow] Day five: Use JavaScript to add functionality to forms without server-side CGI
[arrow] How now, cash cow: Use cookies to turn pageviews into ad revenues
[arrow] Manage Web content as a client-side database with Microsoft's TDC
[arrow] Veen thinks Microsoft's shortchanging a key audience with its hobbled Mac version of IE 4
[arrow] Embedded fonts end the friction between pixel weenies and HTML Nazis

Where technology and culture connect
[arrow] The Net needs a president - and Katz knows who to put in charge
[arrow] Despite the sex-obsessed press, Americans are getting real about politics
[arrow] Digital citizens need a digital leader, says Katz - for PR's sake as well as democracy's
[arrow] Defend liberty against litigious aggies, cries Katz - pick a food and libel it!

Dream Jobs
High-tech jobs that make you smarter
[arrow] Find groovy companies with the Greener Grass List
[arrow] NOVA Online - Producer
[arrow] Creative Good - Ease-of-Use Consultant
[arrow] MayaQuest - Vacationing Technologist
[arrow] ModemMedia - PR Director
[arrow] LinkExchange - Engineer
[arrow] The Motley Fool - Production Fool

Web 101
A beginner's first stop on the Net
[arrow] Add your own Usenet newsgroup to the 10,000 on the Net already
[arrow] The lowdown on JavaScript: What it is, what it does, and how to turn it on
[arrow] Adam Powell explores the origins of the graphical user interface
[arrow] Once you know how computers chat, the Net's mysteries aren't so mysterious

RGB Gallery
Innovative Web-based multimedia art
[arrow] Yoshi Sodeoka's Prototype 19: An A/V pandemonium machine
[arrow] [dendrite] by Construct: Comic meets VR in a futuristic urban narrative
[arrow] A theater of images: signal2noise's 49,682,923 stories about
[arrow] David Opp's 4YB-200 is a Web labyrinth, a collage of interface-as-enigma

Member Central
A network of cool geeks like you
[arrow] Our Zurich Geek of the Week's faith in digital culture is undiminished by his aversion to spam
[arrow] Chat with other HotWired members in
[arrow] Speak your mind in HotWired's forum, Threads

Special features
[arrow] Wired Tools: 50 gifts to inspire your technolust
[arrow] The Digital Citizen: A Wired survey of the super-connected
[arrow] The Unabomber Manifesto: The complete text and HotWired's commentary

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[dot] Globalstar Delays Launch 
[dot] Finding a Match for Netscape 
[dot] Olympic Games, But No Domains 

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