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Company Contact Info

Opera Software AS is based in Oslo, Norway. It was founded in 1994 by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivars°y, who then worked for the Norwegian Telecommunication company 'Telenor'.

Their vision was to create an Internet and Multimedia client that can be used by all computer users - including those with older machines and those with physical disabilities.

The result was Opera, the most amazing software product in its category. Jon and Geir, together with a team of highly qualified programmers, marketers and translators, are now set to make a significant impact on a market dominated by two monoliths - Microsoft and Netscape. But in order to do this, Opera Software will need your feedback, so if you have a suggestion, comment or complaint please let us know.

To all those who are actively supporting us, and those who have registered the product, we say a BIG 'Thank You'. We really appreciate it.

Postal address:

    Opera Software AS
    Postbox 122
    2007 Kjeller
Visiting address:
    Instituttveien 23
    2007 Kjeller
Wire communication:
Telephone 1 : +47 63 84 86 34
Telephone 2 : +47 63 84 83 84
Telefax : +47 63 81 00 76

Internet communication:

In order to make communicating with the right person/deptartment at Opera Software as simple as possible for you, we have set up the following email addresses and autoresponders.

Please make sure you have read all general and frequently asked questions beforehand, plus visited our news server, where many other Opera users are helping each other. The purpose of this is to reduce the number of emails that revolve around problems that have been asked before, or issues that are answered elsewhere on this site. This structure is beneficial to both you and us, making sure your issue is being adressed while saving us from answering general issues and keeping us away from programming work.

General info: info@operasoftware.com
This mail may not get responded to because it points you again to the right places to air comments, suggestions, get help, etc.

Tips and Tricks: followup@operasoftware.com

Press enquiries
Web page: press.html
Email: support@operasoftware.com

Commercial enquiries - ISPs, Infokioks developers, CD-ROM publishers...
Web page: enquiry.html
Email: commercial@operasoftware.com

Registrations - Lost registration keys, no code received...
Web page: register.html
Email: sales@operasoftware.com

Bug reports / beta feedback
Web page: bugreport.html

Product suggestions, comments and mailing list
Web page: questionnaire.html

Alternative Operating Systems (Mac, OS/2, BeOS...)
Web page: alt_os.html

Web page: guestbook.html

Operational problems (News Server)
Web page: Opera News Server
For any general product-related question that can be answered by a user, we would like you to use this facility, as - as much as we'd like to - we are not always able to answer all individual mails. On the dedicated news server it is much more likely that your problem is being solved by another fellow Opera user.

Frequently asked questions and (email) tips
Web page: support.html
Email AR: followup@operasoftware.com

Latest News
Web page: news.html

If your problem / issue does not fall within one of the above categories, please send a mail to support@operasoftware.com.

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