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When reading mail messages in the normal fashion, it is only possible to move through a page at a time, which is not always convenient. To gain more exact control of your location in a message, you can use the /EDIT qualifier. For example, the command

EMAIL> read 12 /edit
will bring up an editor with the contents of message 12. You can then browse through this message with the editor. When you are done reading it, exit the editor in the usual fashion. The /EDIT qualifier can also be used with the DIR command.

To list the last messages in a folder, use the /LAST qualifier on the DIR command. This is useful when looking for messages at the end of a long folder.

It is possible to modify the format of the lines displayed in a directory listing. Information is available by typing "HELP SET DIR". For example, the command

EMAIL> set dir /marked=(skip=0)/id=(skip=0,heading="  #",width=3)
       /read=(skip=0,flags=" n")/replied=(skip=0,flags="r")/from
       /date=(skip=2,compressed)/subject=(skip=2,width=34)/size=(heading=" ")
generates a listing which looks like
   #   From                  Date         Subject
   1   irilyth@FENRIS.CLARE  25-NOV-1992  Trouble with Kermit             32
   2   CHRIS@HMCVAX.CLAREMO   4-FEB-1993  RE: problems sending mail on th 42
   3   jeff@FENRIS.CLAREMON  25-APR-1993  RE: Mailer problems             40
   4 R Patience_Brooks@HMC.   5-JAN-1994  mail accounts for Engineering s 35
   5   CMCCARTHY@HMCVAX.Ac.   5-JAN-1994  RE: Mosaic 2.0 for VMS          37
   6 R josh@HMC.EDU           5-JAN-1994  Mathlib manuals                 25
See the on-line help for an explanation of how this command produces this particular directory output.

You can have PMDF mail keep new mail messages in your NEWMAIL folder, rather than automatically moving them into the MAIL folder. To turn on this behaviour, give the command

EMAIL> set noauto_newmail
Messages will then stay in the NEWMAIL folder until you explicitly move them elsewhere. Note that though the messages stay in the folder, after you read a message, it is no longer marked as new. This means that some messages will not appear unless you give the command "DIR NEWMAIL". This command lists all the messages in the NEWMAIL folder, rather than just the ones marked as new. If you use the NOAUTO_NEWMAIL option, it is a good idea to give the 'DIR NEWMAIL" command on a regular basis, so that messages do not wind up forgotten in your NEWMAIL folder. Also, you can restore a message's "new" status with the "MARK/NOREAD" command.


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