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Upgrades to the V.90 56K Standard

Many of the better modem companies have been promising free upgrades to the final ITU standard for their x2 and K56flex modems. If you bought wisely, you should be due for a free upgrade.

Help! My modem isn't listed here! If your modem isn't listed, it's because we do not have information for your brand. Please do not email us requesting information: if we had the information, it would be on this page. Instead, contact the company directly. You may be able to find them on our Modem Manufacturer's page. Otherwise, check your manual for a phone number or email address.

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Expected Release Date
as provided by the manufacturer

3Com/U.S. Robotics/Megahertz

First quarter, 1998


date not announced


date not announced

Best Data

date not announced

Boca Research

April, 1998


date not announced

Diamond Multimedia/Supra

First quarter, 1998

Global Village

date not announced


as early as March, 1998


date not announced

Lucent chipset modems

see OEM note


March, 1998

MaxTech (for modems purchased before 3/31/98)

date not announced

MIN Communications

date not announced


Second quarter, 1998



Practical Peripherals

date not announced

Rockwell chipset modems

see OEM note


February 16, 1998

Sirius Technologies (Avtek, Banksia, Dataplex, NetComm, Simple Computing)

March or April, 1998

SMART Modular Technologies

date not announced

Texas Instruments chipset modems

see OEM note


date not announced

TDK Systems

date not announced

Viking Components

date not announced


as soon as March, 1998


date not announced


date not announced

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Modems

It's common in the computer and electronics industry for one company - called an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM - to make components that are used in a large number of devices.

Lucent, Rockwell, and Texas Instruments make the chips used in dozens of modem brands, but they do not sell modems directly to customers. They also do not provide support or upgrades directly to customers. If you have a Lucent-based, Rockwell-based, or Texas Instruments-based modem, you will need to get the upgrade from the modem manufacturer or the computer manufacturer.


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