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This is the latest *confirmed* Depeche Mode news, as of February 6th, 1998.

You will not find any rumors here!
There is always news in other locations, but I never put info here unless it is confirmed by one of the following:
The Mute BBS - The Mute Records Web Page - The Official Depeche Mode Fan Club (BONG)
...and "sources" from Mute and Reprise/Warner Brothers that don't want to lose their jobs

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Current Depeche Mode News

Newest Recoil News
Remember, for all the latest Recoil news, please go to my Alan page. Last updated February 2nd, 1998.

For The Masses tribute CD - January 16th, 1998, Updated February 6th
1500 Records (a subsidiary of A&M; Records) is coming out with a Depeche Mode tribute CD called "For The Masses" sometime in 1998. Scheduled artists include Failure (Enjoy The Silence), Smashing Pumpkins (Never Let Me Down Again), Gus Gus (Monument), God Lives Underwater (Fly On The Windscreen), Apollo 440 and Hooverphonic (Shake The Disease). The rumour mill has it that there will also be tracks by Meat Beat Manifesto (Everything Counts), Trent Reznor (Personal Jesus), and Marilyn Manson (People Are People), but these rumoured artists have NOT been confirmed.

UPDATE: The Meat Beat Manifesto cover of Everything Counts is available on The Official Meat Beat Manifesto Page. Click on the Audio page, and download the MP3 file.

Erasure covers Depeche Mode - January 16, 1998
Erasure performed a fan-club-only concert in Manchester, England on December 13th, 1997. One of the songs performed was Just Can't Get Enough. You can hear this song, in MP3 format, by following this link to "depeche"'s website. For a MP3 player, I suggest going to Download.Com, and typing in "MP3" into their search engine. For my Mac, I prefer MacAmp Limited Edition.

Upcoming August 1998 Los Angeles Depeche Mode Convention - January 16th, 1998
The plans are in the works for another Depeche Mode convention in Los Angeles. It is scheduled for August 1998, and is being put on by the same people that did the last Depeche Mode convention here in Los Angeles (Hot Rocks records, London Calling, and KROQ FM). Obviously, this is a ways off, so there are no concrete details yet, but more details will be put here when available. The only detail that is confirmed is that I will be the sole DJ for the night (be afraid).

How to hack the Useless enhanced CD singles - December 1997
Apparently the latest issue of the Depeche Mode fanzine (Bong) has directed their members to this, my Depeche Mode news page, for directions on how to view the music videos included on the UK and US pressings of the Useless single. The directions have now been given their own page. Please click here to go to the hacking directions.

Barrel Of A Gun on DVD! - December 1997
Reprise Records has released a promotional DVD disc (Digital Video Disc) that contains the music video for "Barrel Of A Gun". It's a disc tha contains 19 videos of various Reprise acts (but all we care about is the Mode clip). If you're on the hunt for the disc, the catalog number is PRO-DVD-8825, and is packaged in one of those standard DVD holders that looks like a large Digi-Pak. Click here for a JPEG picture of the cover.

Home US Promo CD - December 1997
Reprise has pressed up a real promo CD to promote the "Home/Useless" double A-sided single. Full details are on my Depeche Mode Ultra Discography page. You can click here for a JPEG picture of the CD. Even though Useless was released here in the US (as the b-side of the Home/Useless single), don't expect to hear Useless much on the radio. Since alternative radio has already played Useless to death (in their eyes, not mine), Reprise is shipping out promo CD's for Home instead.

Useless Mystery Sample - December 1997
If you've heard the Cosmic Blues mix, and wondered where the sample "I'd like to hear you play some bass" comes from, look no further. As I was thumbing through some records to sample from, I actually found where Cosmic Blues got their sample. It's from an old National Lampoon record called "Thats' Not Funny, That's Sick" (a very cool comedy record). The track is a Mr. Rogers parody called "Mr. Roberts". For those overly curious, here is a snippet of the track, in non-streaming format.

The Useless single is here...in the US - November 18th, 1997
Reprise Records, here in the US, released the Useless single as a double A sided single (the other track is Home) on November 18th, 1997. Full track listing is available on my Depeche Mode Ultra Discography page. The Maxi CD is an enhanced CD, featuring all four music videos (Barrel Of A Gun, It's No Good, Home and Useless). Overall, the quality of this CD is superior to the Mute UK pressings (in regards to the enhanced CD part).

Useless video is being broadcast - November 1997
People in Europe get to see the Mode video for "Useless". Before you U.S. people complain that you can't see it, you can! Go to Club Internet. It's a French site that has RealVideo streams of all the videos from Ultra, including the promo-only Electronic Press Kit! They have also put up sound samples, like an excerpt of the Club 69 Future Mix of It's No Good (but their source was a bootleg 12" single). Keep in mind you can also hear my official Reprise Records edit of the Club 69 mix on my Depeche Mode Sounds Page.

New songs and a tour??? - November 1997
On The Mute Records Web Page, it's being reported that "the band are currently working on new material in the studio and planning a world tour for 1998, their first for nearly five years". Before you jump up and down, remember that for years, "Ultra" was always going to be coming out "within a few months", but ended up taking three years. It other words, even though it's said that they're preparing for a tour, wait to believe it until you hear the ads for the shows on your favorite radio station. To make my point even clearer, their "official" web page has the following line:

Accordingly, the band is considering a World Tour in support of this upcoming release.

Note that one key word - considering. Not that I wouldn't want to see DM tour (I'd love to), but until I see the tickets in my hand, I won't believe it.

David sings Roxy Music - 1997
A Roxy Music tribute CD is coming out any day now (supposedly), and it features David singing the old Roxy Music song "Song For Europe". Go to the B5 Records web page to check out a 30 second RealAudio streaming sample. B5 Records, by the way, is run by John Taylor (Duran Duran), and Hein Hoven (produced Stray Cats and Bush, among others). There's a few other details about this CD on my David page.

Recent Depeche Mode news

David's drug charges are dropped - September 11th, 1997
Taken from MTV's Web Page, September 11th:
A Los Angeles County District judge has dismissed the drug charges that had been pending against Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan.

The singer was arrested last July and charged with possession and being under the influence of cocaine and heroin after overdosing in a Hollywood hotel. He then underwent a drug program under the supervision of the L.A. County probation department.

Drug offenders with no prior convictions are usually placed in the program for 12 to 36 months, and Gahan completed about nine months. The district attorney on the case pleaded for longer court supervision, but the judge didn't see it that way.

This story is also mirrored on my David page.

Convention for the masses (Los Angeles) - August 17th, 1997
Thanks to all who showed up to The Palace (Hollywood, California) on August 17th, 1997. The convention was a big success. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the rare tracks, and unreleased remixes, that I played during the night (as well as the rare videos).

Depeche Mode live in Los Angeles - May 16th, 1997
On Friday, May 16th, the boys appeared live at a "secret location" in Los Angeles, and performed 5 songs. A full rundown of the night is available by clicking here.

Depeche Mode on The Tonight Show - May 15th, 1997
BRAT on The Tonight Show
Depeche Mode appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 15th, 1997, at 11:35 PM. Pictures from the broadcast are available here. And, yes, that's me in the picture above, dressed in all white.

Depeche Mode do a live net chat - May 13th, 1997
House Of Blues Depeche Mode ad
On May 13th, LiveConcerts.Com was the place to be for a live net chat with Depeche Mode. The RealVideo braodcast originated from the House Of Blues at 6:30 PM PST (Pacific Time). The chat was hosted by Kevin & Bean (KROQ FM radio DJ's - Los Angeles), and featured David, Martin & Andy. There wasn't anything really startling information-wise in the chat, but it was cool nonetheless. An example of the info from the chat is Andy basically stating what is already known, which is that there are no plans for a tour anytime soon (all of 1997). He said that they don't really plan too far ahead, but as of now, there is no plans for a tour at all. Also, David mentioned how much he has been enjoying appearing live on television lately. LiveConcerts.Com has archived the RealVideo feed of the chat, so if you missed it, you can go check it out.

Depeche Mode invade the web - May 13th, 1997
Depeche Mode have their own web page! It's at www.depechemode.com. It is not very friendly to some browsers, but when you get there, you'll find sound samples of the Ultra album, a few video clips, and some other interesting bits.

The Ultra Electronic Press Kit - March 1997
The Ultra EPK (Electronic Press Kit)is an 18 minute promotional only video. It contains interview footage, as well as the video for Barrel of A Gun, and some clips from previous videos. It is a *MAGNIFICENT* tape! I sincerely wish this would get released commercially. The way the lyrics of the music float around the screen...well...I'm getting too carried away. All I have to say is that Emma Davis (ex of Mute Records) did a killer job on this tape! Reprise records has a 12 minute RealAudio file up on their site of this video...it's shorter than the 18 minute promo-only video, but definately worth a listen! Go to their site, and check it out!

It's No Good remixes - March 1997
I have done Radio Edits of the US-Only promo mix for It's No Good (Club 69 Future Mix), as well and the Dom T Bass Bounce Mix, for Reprise Records. Both tracks were edited down considerably from their original versions. You can download both tracks from my BRAT Bio page, as well as my Depeche Mode Sounds Page. Also, you can do to my Depeche Mode Ultra Discography Page, and see complete track listing of all Ultra releases. You can also CLICK HERE to see a jpeg picture of the CD.

David Gahan at KROQ-FM Los Angeles - February 18th, 1997
David Gahan was at KROQ-FM (Los Angeles) February 18th, 1997, being interviewed with Kevin & Bean. Besides "Barrel Of A Gun", KROQ also played "Sister Of Night", "Useless", "It's No Good" and "Freestate" (from a custom-made recordable CD manufactured - across the street from KROQ - at Warners/Reprise). David was extremely pleasant over the air, sounding great, and he was in a great mood. Among a lot of questions (he was on air for about 51 minutes - off and on!) was a question about an upcoming tour. David said there was no plan for a tour, but there was a possibility of a few selected "launch parties", where the band would play a few songs off the new album, in some major cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, et cereta. To hear the information in Davids' own words, download this sound sample (221k file - 112 seconds) from the broadcast. David also mentioned that Alan had a new baby, and that he was pretty sure that Alan was working on a new Recoil project. Now, that is what was broadcast over the air. You might, though, want to read the following...

My discussion with David Gahan at the KROQ FM Studios - February 18th, 1997
I had the opportunity to go down to KRQO when David was there, and got to speak to him personally. Among some of the off-the-air info I got while talking to David and Johnathon Kessler (DM's manager):

Overall, he looked fantastic (very healthy), was in a extremely nice mood, and was very eager to sign autographs and take pictures with people in the KROQ building. It's nice to see him doing so well after what he has been through in the last few years. And, just in case you have no clue what he has been though, go to my David page for a full rundown on his overdose/suicide attempts.

[ BRAT and David Gahan at KROQ ]

A *massive* thanks to Richard Blade for giving me a lift down to the station! You rock my friend! :)

Here is some older Depeche Mode news

Archived Depeche Mode articles from other sites
Go to my Press Archive page to read articles from other web sites, with links to each site. Currently, there is:
Bam Magazine - August 22nd, 1997
E! Online - April 15th, 1997
CNN - April 14th, 1997
TV Guide - April 14th, 1997
MTV - February 1st, 1997
NME (New Musical Express) - January 25th, 1997
NME (New Musical Express) - January 18th, 1997
Addicted To Noise - 1996

Ultra bio from the Mute Records web page - 1997
Depeche Mode have now slimmed to a three piece of founder members Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher following the departure of Alan Wilder after their last 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' LP and tour. The band have been working on their new material with producer Tim Simenon, and consider 'Barrel Of A Gun' to be an inspiring departure.

"I think 'Barrel Of A Gun' challenges what Depeche Mode have done before and that's something that I feel is really important for us," opines Dave Gahan. Songwriter Martin Gore describes the tracks' subject matter as being about: "Not having as much choice to make decisions as you'd like. I really think we're all born with some sort of genetic lineage which means we can only stray slightly from our path. We've all got certain cages that we're in."

The video for 'Barrel Of A Gun' (directed by Anton Corbijn) was filmed in London and Marrakesh. The song is taken from Depeche Mode's forthcoming new album, their first for four years, which is due for release in April 1997.

David and his past problems - 1995/1996
If you've been hearing about David, and his near-death experiences, but were not aware of the specific details, go to my David page for all the news, including a transcript from when David was being interviewed outside the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.
The non-existant Japanese "Best" CD - October 18th, 1996
There was a new Depeche Mode CD coming out in Japan on October 18th, 1996, titled "Best" (on the Pony/Canyon label). I say that there "was" a new Depeche CD coming out because it's been suspended. MSI, a Japanese importer, has "officially" announced that the project has been "cancelled". Other importers, such as Phantom, had been saying that this CD, as well as another called "DM vs Yazoo" (a Vince Clarke compilation) were coming out. In fact, if you look in magazines such as Goldmine, or on the online record stores, the CD's are listed in their "upcoming" catalogs. This is based on the import distributors' information. Now that it has been confirmed by Mute, and the other distributors, that the CD's are vaporware...let's all get depressed. A nice compilation of rare tracks that had not been on CD before would have definately sold a LOT of copies (are you listening Mute?).

Tim Simenon at KCRW FM Los Angeles - May 22nd, 1996
I had the opportunity to speak to Tim Simenon (the producer of the upcoming Depeche album) on May 22nd, 1996. He was at KCRW FM (Los Angeles) as a guest on Metropolis (a show hosted by Jason Bentley). In my off-the-air phone conversation, Mr. Simenon said (in regards to the upcoming Depeche Mode project) that "there are 7 songs worked out, and that the band is on a 3 month break". Tim also volunteered some insight as to the "sound" of the new recordings, characterizing them as sparse interpretations of Martins' material. Also, the sound of the songs are "classic" Depeche Mode. Additional information can be heard in this sound snippet (221k file - 111 seconds), which is an excerpt from the May 22nd interview from KCRW FM.

David at the KROQ FM Acoustic Christmas concert - December 18th, 1995
Monday, December 18th, 1995: David was spotted at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (a local Los Angeles radio station concert). He was in the pit, wearing a striped suit. According to an interview conducted by Richard Blade (from KROQ), Dave said (then) that the band had completed recording 3 songs, they were on Christmas break, that the band would be heading off to New York to work on tracks for the album, and that the new album would be out TENTATIVELY in October 1996, with maybe a few live club dates following the release. Did I mention that I was in the pit with David! Unfortunately, somebody told me this. I didn't know. Apparently he was standing a few people away from me, and I didn't notice. DAMN!

Alan Wilder has left the building - June 1st, 1995
The band consists of David Gahan, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore. Alan is not in the band anymore. For further Alan details, go to my Alan Wilder page.

Here are some recent Depeche Mode-related releases

Reconstruction Time Again tribute CD
A German company has released a Depeche Mode tribute CD (March 1997). Here are the details:

GERMANY Khazad-Dum KHA 038
Celtic Circle Productions
1 AMSTERDAM - The Things You Said [4:00]
2 BATTERY - Shame (Switch Mix) [3:29]
3 IONIC VISION - Work Hard [4:32]
4 SIMBOLO - World In My Eyes [4:50]
5 KIETHEVEZ - Photographic (Live) [4:14]
6 FADING COLOURS - Clean [4:02]
7 BEBORN BETON - My Secret Garden [4:28]
8 LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA - Ice Machine [4:01]
9 CYCLOON - To Have And To Hold [3:56]
10 THE MERRY THOUGHTS - The Sun & The Rainfall [5:53]
11 REFLECTION V - Something To Do [3:36]
12 INERTIA - Behind The Wheel [5:28]
13 BIO-TEK - Walking In My Shoes [5:06]
14 PANIC ON THE TITANIC - Waiting For The Night [5:57]
15 BLACK WEDDING - Any Second Now [3:03]
16 THE ESCAPE - Enjoy The Silence [5:08]

Your World In Our Eyes tribute CD
Another tribute CD was released in April 1997. The tracks are:

1 Forbiden Colours "Halo"
2 Statemachine "Stripped"
3 Children Within "Waiting for the Night"
4 Laura Effect "World in my Eyes"
5 Kiethevez "Here is the House"
6 Brave New World "Shake the Disease"
7 Daybehavior "See You"
8 Paradigm "But Not Tonight"
9 X-Act "Barrel of a Gun"
10 Dark Distant Spaces " A Question of Lust"

X-ACT covers Barrel Of A Gun
Featured on the compilation listed above, the band X-ACT covered Barrel Of A Gun, and released a CD Single. The tracks are:

1 Barrel of a Gun (radio mix) 4:08
2 Barrel of a Gun (12" mix) 5:12
3 No Matter (Album mix) 4:30
4 Tomorrow is Yesterday 4:06

Martin Gore remixes Garbage - 1995
There's a Martin Gore remix of Garbage's "Queer" available on the UK CD Single-Part 1 (Mushroom D1237). The mix is called "Queer: The Most Beautiful Woman In Town". Personally, it reminds me of the Zephyr Mixes (Butch Vig-remixer) of "In Your Room". Remember, Butch Vig is a member of Garbage.

Martin Gore remixes Spirit Feel
Martin Gore did a remix of the Spirit Feel track "Rejoice" (Mystic Span Mix), available on Spirit Feel's US CD (TVT Records TVT-7234-2). It also appears on a UK promo 12". Spirit Feel, by the way, besides remixing "Walking In My Shoes" (Anandamidic Mix), also produced "Coming Back To You", Martin's contribution to the "Tower Of Song: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen" CD.

Martin featured on a Leonard Cohen tribute CD
Martin contributed "Coming Back To You" to "The Tower Of Song: A Tribute To Leonard Cohen" compilation, available (in the US) on A&M; records.

Trance Mode Express tribute CD
Trance Mode Express cover "Trance Mode Express 1.01" was released January 16, 1996. It is a Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records (U.S.A.) compilation of bands doing cover versions of Depeche Mode tracks (like the "I Sometimes Wish I Was Famous" compilation). This is the track listing:

Tracks 10, 11 and 12 are listed on the CD out of their proper playing order. The above listing is the proper track listing. The catalog number is CLEO-9662-2.

Trance Mode Express CD 2.01
"Trance Mode Express 2.01" was released mid 1997. It is a Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records (U.S.A.) compilation of bands doing cover versions of Depeche Mode tracks. Here is the track listing:

With the first pressings of the CD, you also got a 5 track megamix of tracks from the CD:

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