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Testament 2

Testament is a action Doom style game, when it was released last year it got rave reviews many finding it to have great gameplay. Many hoped for a sequel and finally there is clear confirmation as I have received both graphics and information.

Here's our first look at Testament 2
In Testament 2 there are going to be 20 levels full of blood fest action with many new enemies like transparent ghosts and better AI than in the first Testament. There will be new features like Teleports, Switches, Secret doors and more. It'll have 1x1 2x1 2x2 pixel support, up to 320x256 screen-size and has a new engine that irons out any bugs in the first Testament.

Testament 2 will require Aga, at least 1MB Fast Ram and should be published by APC&TCP; sometime in July.

APC&TCPVisit their web site at :-

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