rabbit "Weekly E-zine of
Appalachian Life and Art"

Friday, April 24

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rag n. 1. old, worn clothes 2. a newspaper 3. a composition in ragtime
-- chew the rag [Slang] to chat

~ Spring ~
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Winter's prism 
thaws to a glint 
on hesitant grass, 
waves its wilted yellow hats
toward a faltering, biding sun.  
Will spring come? 
Here it is, in tiny things, 
spattered on banal dross.
Daisies of violet 
and lilac lilies 
creep underfoot midst fields 
frozen still. 
Crowded by dead weeds
a weeping cherry buds. 
Geese and ducks announce 
mating season has begun 
and an eagle glides, 
where rivers run, 
to land on charcoal limbs.


Original material A Country Rag and/or Jeannette Harris, Jonesborough, TN, April, 1996. All rights reserved.