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Announcing 2 new starter packages which get you onto the web for a year for as little as $999.00!!!
This price includes design of your pages, e-mail account and web-hosting for 12 months.

Just fill in the Services Agreement form and fax it to us or contact us now for more details.

internet solutions for small business

Are you a small business?

Do you want a web page that doesn't cost the earth?

Are you tired of the technical mumbo-jumbo?

Then you have come to the right place!

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Our web design services

Our web hosting services

Our internet consulting services

Our great rates & packages

Coming Soon...
Conference Package
The complete web package for conference organisers. Includes domain name, web hosting, page design, on-line registration.

Web Glossary
Common WWW terms for non-technical folk.

Customer Pages
Private access to pages created especially for our customers. Includes latest news and links to web and internet topics which relate to Australian small businesses.

Cool Sites
Funster Word Game
Channel V - The Fridge
WWW7 Conference
CNN INteractive
Australian TV Guide
AFL '98
Computers & The Internet

Suggestions for cool sites and hot topics welcome.

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