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Web Design
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Web Design

Our aim is to provide good web design without the huge cost well-designed pages normally cost. We keep our costs down by offering templates for our customers to choose from. These templates represent the most poular and current designs on the web at the moment.


Below are examples of templates currently available. More are being developed and will be available soon.

The Design Process

Once our customer has chosen the "look" they want for their page, we then customise the page by incorporating:
  1. the customers logo and corporate livery
  2. colour changes to background, text and link colour
  3. different button bars, buttons, gifs, and markers chosen from our image library


Standard to all out templates is cgi-bin scripting which enables your data to be entered separately from your html (layout). This enables you to change the content (not the layout) of your pages. This is especially useful in pages where new information needs to be added often (job positions, price changes, menus, opening hours etc.)

Also standard to all our templates is a standard on-line form which can be used for enquiries, registration or customer information.

Full Customisation

We are happy to custom build a home page incorprating all the bells and whistles if that is what the customer wants BUT we can't do it for the great pricing packages we offer our template customers. These pages will be quoted at the authoring and design rates as set out in our rate card.

If there are minor customisation requirements we can quote them as add-ons to the template price. These would include:

  • scanning existing logos and images
  • creating graphical images, buttons, bars or banners to the customers
  • specifications
  • extra pages
  • customised forms The rates charged for these extras is set out on our rates card.

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