(W) G. Jones
(P) 48 - Cobb, 49 - Haynes, 50 - Banks
(I) Tanghal
(C) Maguire

It's no secret that "Emerald Twilight" (the story arc that destroyed the Corps and turned Hal Jordan into Parallax) was planned at the last minute. Gerard Jones himself has said on numerous occasions that something entirely different was set to run in GREEN LANTERN #48, #49, and #50. It was, unfortunately, deemed by Kevin Dooley too uninteresting to grab new readers. Mike Carlin, Paul Levitz, Archie Goodwin, and Dennis O'Neil were then assigned to plot "Emerald Twilight", which was eventually scripted by Ron Marz.

The decision to run "Emerald Twilight" was so sudden, in fact, that the original plans for GREEN LANTERN #48 and #49 had already been solicited by many preview magazines used by retailors (which are released about three months before the issues they solicite). DC even ran advertisements in some of its other titles for the storyline, such as the one to the right, taken from

Green Lantern fans Will Allred and Bob Hughes
recently managed to find PREVIEWS Vol. III #8
(Aug 1993), which solicited GREEN LANTERN #48:

"Superman and the Justice League gather by Green Lantern's side as Hal confronts the horror of the destruction of Coast City. Meanwhile on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe find themselves fighting a lethal battle against...the Guardians of the Universe?"

Also recently, I was finally able to get my hands on
the November 1993 COMICS SCOREBOARD, from which this excerpt was taken:

"Green Lantern is caught up in a battle raging between two equally powerful groups of the Guardians of the Universe. Hal's side loses, and the winners' first act is to take away the power rings' 24-hour time limit, and their yellow impurity. Their second act is to appoint a new leader of the Green Lantern Corps---Sinestro. This issue leads directly into the landmark GREEN LANTERN #50, a major turning point for the series."

Now tell me, does an all-out war between several hundred Green Lanterns sound uninteresting to you?? :)

By the next issue of COMICS SCOREBOARD, GREEN LANTERN #48 was resolicited as part one of "Emerald Twilight". But..

Now, for the first time ever, you can read the FULL SCRIPTS to the second and third parts of the original Emerald Twilight (plus the overall plotline), provided by Gerard Jones himself.

The Plotline