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Enter the newest realm of the most popular fantasy world of all time, TSR's FORGOTTEN REALMS. Armed with ancient and powerful artifacts, your troops rally forth to battle goblin hordes, dark wizards, and lords of chaos. Can you defeat your foes to become Master of the Realms?

Blood & Magic is now available for the PC.
Order it now on the Interplay Web Store
or call 1-800-INTERPLAY and mention "MSW1"

Blood & Magic features...

Exotic landscapes and magical items to manipulate

Fantastic weapons, treasure chests, magical potions, and unforgettable spells await discovery and mastery.

Command and battle 28 unique AD&D; FORGOTTEN REALMS monsters.

Simple point and click interface allows you to focus on strategies to win.

Compete with friends in intense head-to-head modem and network play.

The Blood & Magic patch is now Available:
BAMPATCH.ZIP (alt site) US version(600k)
BMGER101.ZIP (alt site) (German) (607k)
BMFRE101.ZIP (alt site) (French) (607k)

System requirements:
IBMTM, Tandy and 100% compatibles
MS-DOS 5.0 or later
Requires 486DX/66 Minimum, 486DX/100 or faster recommended
8MB RAM mimimum
25MB free hard disk space for partial install
225MB free hard disk space required for full install
double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive
Color monitor and 256-color VGA graphics
Microsoft 100% compatible mouse
Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compaitble sound cards
IPX or NETBIOS for two-player network game
16550 UART serial ports for direct link game
Windows 95 compatible in MS-DOS mode

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