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Hytel Group adds precision sawing capability for wafers and assemblies
Hytel Group adds new Program Manager, Tom Quinn
Hytel Group adds vision inspection equipment

Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services for High Density Electronics

  • Mixed Technology and Multichip Module Assemblies
    Combining each of our globally competitive technologies to provide World Class Assemblies
  • Surface Mount Assemblies
    High speed chip shooters down to 0402 size, fine pitch to .019", chip scale, flip chip, flex, and double-sided assembly, in-circuit ATE testing
  • Chip on Board Assemblies
    Automated die attach of silicon and GaAs IC's, and both gold and aluminum wire down to .0007" dia.
  • Thick Film Substrates
    Full cassette to cassette automated processing, featuring through-holes, multilayers, controlled lines for microwave, plated ceramic for high-power, and precision laser trimming
  • Final Assembly
    Active laser trim, functional test, mechanical assembly, milling, packaging, and turnkey program management

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