A sure way to get the most out of your robots

[PS-ENGINE]-RobotStudio™ is Prosolvia Systems' advanced yet easy-to-use software tool for complete off-line programming and station design of robotic manufacturing processes. It takes robot programming several steps further and brings it to the shop floor. It enables you to plan and build a complete 3D model - a Digital Plant - of your robot production facility and robot stations, a model that links to and interacts with the real plant it represents. Using [PS-ENGINE]-RobotStudio you can design, verify, optimize and off-line program the real plant. There are many unique benefits:

it improves the quality of your robot programs by supporting robot programmers and operators with templates, wizards and analysis functions that ensure machine wear is minimized, that corporate standards are met and that cycle time is optimal
its ease of use allows programming work to be distributed across the organization while improving control over robot-related data, thereby reducing the bottlenecks caused by a lack of skilled programmers
up-time is maximized since program adjustments can be performed off-line within the simulation and downloaded to the plant
it justifies robotized automation even in short series production by providing highly efficient programming methodology
it is well suited for use on the shop floor, where a system like this is really needed
it is an outstanding tool for documenting robotic systems and creating operator instructions

[PS-ENGINE]-RobotStudio saves time and money when designing new or upgrading existing robot stations. Its ability and accuracy is such that it ensures that the station is optimally designed and configured before it is built. In an existing plant, [PS-ENGINE]-RobotStudio is a useful tool for analyzing and fine-tuning robot programs for optimal results with respect to both cycle time and robot wear. Using [PS-ENGINE]-RobotStudio, programming a robot station can be carried out off-line and in advance, eliminating the need for access to expensive prototypes and preventing disruption to ongoing production.

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