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Newest Fan Fiction Additions

  • Outworld Attack Chapter 3 by Jody "THE JODIS" Welch

  • Mortal Kombat II (part 2) by Josh Gilbert

  • SMOKE: Lin Qui Champion by Goose.Man

    Past Fan Fiction

  • Mortal Kombat Mythologies : Unmasked (part 1) by Female Sub-Zero

  • Mortal Kombat Mythologies : Unmasked (part 2) by Female Sub-Zero

  • Hell's Fire by Jose Rivera

  • Mortal Enemies by Lord Xein

  • Clone of Death by Lord Xein

  • The Fury of the Rain (Part 1) by NitroCharge

  • The Fury of the Rain (Part 2) by NitroCharge

  • The Haunted Mansion by Scott SPACE ACE O

  • The Final War (part 1) by Steve Beckford

  • The Final War (part 2) by Steve Beckford

  • The Final War (part 3) by Steve Beckford

  • MarmaCat's Story by The Marmaladecat

  • MarmaCat's Story Part 2 : Cirrius' Realm by The Marmaladecat

  • Sub-Zero and The Fire Dragon by The Marmaladecat

  • Sub-Zero and The Fire Dragon (part 2) by The Marmaladecat

  • The Shokan Prince by Josh Gilbert

  • Mortal Kombat II by Josh Gilbert

  • Sub Zero's Last Mission by Eric Kenworthy

  • The Son of Blizzard by Alexey Roditchev

  • Honor In Kombat by Andrea Mesich

  • The Beginning of Noob Siabot by Kelvin Faison

  • Reason For Evil by Esirc

  • Battle Among The Family by Esirc

  • Birth of a New World by Esirc

  • The Origin of Sub-Zero's Powers by Esirc

  • The Kombat Goes On (part 1) by Michael Chichetti

  • The Kombat Goes On (part 2) by Michael Chichetti

  • Outworld Attack Chapter 1 by Jody "THE JODIS" Welch

  • Outworld Attack Chapter 2 by Jody "THE JODIS" Welch

  • Kabal's Justice by Gary R. Brand Jr.

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