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Game Boy Camera There's no limit to the fun you can have when you team up with the new Game Boy Camera! Clip, cut and merge your black-and-white photos any way you want to. Doctor your pictures with Game Boy Camera's paint program and clip art. Print out your masterpieces with the Game Boy Printer and stick ‘em wherever you want!

You should be in pictures! Create original cartoons with Game Boy Camera's animation editor or play Mr. DJ with the music software. You can even put your handsome face in a Space Invaders-like game!

You should be in pictures!Thanks to the super-streamlined menu, you can start having fun as soon as you plug in your brand new Game Boy Camera.

You should be in pictures! Select your shot, then adjust the brightness and contrast. Thanks to the 180°-swiveling; big eye, you can take a self-portrait. But snapping a picture is only the beginning of your fun!

Editing your photo album Store up to 30 shots in Game Boy Camera's photo album. Don't like a picture? Just toss it out.

Editing menu Stitch up to four pix together in Panorama editor. With Montage editor, you can place one picture inside another. Star in your own video game with a Game Face animation.

Split-sceen shot You can crop your picture or even place one picture inside another. James Cameron probably wishes he had this nifty split-screen option when he was a kid.

Paint your picture with a virtual pen, then jazz it up with the Game Boy Camera's extensive collection of letters and clip art.

Game Boy Camera is fully compatible with both the Game Boy pocket and regular Game Boy. It is powered by the Game Boy's power supply. Game Boy Camera will be available June 1, 1998, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $49.95.

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