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What's New with FreeDOS? 
2 May: Hey! Minor revision to Orlando release News Item 006 Download! 
25 Apr: New FreeDOS available! News Item 003 
25 Apr: Call for volunteers - FreeDOS compiler project News Item 005 
25 Apr: FreeDOS compatibility list available News Item 004 Go there! 
16 Apr: FreeDOS Beta 1 "Orlando" release due soon. News Item 002 
16 Apr: File fdalpha5.zip now includes Installer v1.2. Download! 
15 Apr: Can someone help us fix command.com? See Tech Note 002 
15 Apr: Can FreeDOS use high capacity HDD's? Not yet. See Tech Note 001 

What is FreeDOS?  
FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. Though this goal has not yet been achieved, we're not too far off the mark folks. Download the latest version and see for yourself.  

What is FreeDOS not?      
At this time, it is not planned to add enhancements or advanced features to FreeDOS such as multitasking, protected mode operation, or a GUI. The reason for this is that we first seek to duplicate the original functionality of DOS, because such an operating system is still useful, but there is not a free one. If you need advanced features in a free operating system, we suggest Linux. Don't worry, you worn't hurt our feelings.  

So, what good is FreeDOS then?   
FreeDOS is ideal for businesses who wish to distribute software without having to pay a royalty for use of MS-DOS. FreeDOS will also work on old hardware, in DOS Boxes in OS/2, and as a kernel for DOSEMU under Linux. FreeDOS is also an invaluable resource for individuals who would like to develop their own operating system. While there are may Free operating systems out there, no other 16-bit DOS compatible operating system exists.  

What do you mean by "free" anyway?   
By "free", we mean just that. FreeDOS is absolutely and 100% free, source code and all, for personal or business usage, because it is released under the GNU General Public License. The GNU license, developed by the Free Software Foundation, is the same one used by Emacs and Linux. FreeDOS is distributed in the hopes it will be useful, but comes with absolutely no warranrty, and all copyrights are retained by the original authors.  

Groovy! How can I contribute to FreeDOS?  
First, consider joining the FreeDOS Mailing List via the form on the Info page, or browse some recent articles from the mailing list archive. If you are a programmer, please check the FreeDOS Maintainers List and see what needs to still be written, revised, or ported to the MICRO-C compiler (which you can download here).  

This page lovingly maintained by: M. Hannibal Toal
The Free DOS Kernel explains the constructions and operations of DOS-C, which was developed by the book's author, Pat Villani. DOS-C is a highly portable operating system, written in C, that provides systems calls similar to MS-DOS. The book and companion disk include full source code for DOS-C and support files. Order Online right now via Secure Web Server!  Please understand that book purchase is not required to download or run FreeDOS programs or source code. 
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