The #Sweden IRC (EFNet) Channel

We're just a bunch of people who apparently have too much time that we don't know what to do with, and thus waste on IRC, discussing life, the universe, and everyting. When left alone we speak Swedish, but we can usually be persuaded into English. There are occasional outbreaks of other languages too, but that's generally frowned upon by the ones who don't speak that particular language.

People have pointed out to me that I may save some people quite a bit of confusion by telling that #sweden is a channel on EFnet, so I guess I'll do that: #sweden us a channel on EFnet!

You may want to check out the FTP archive at where you can find, among other things, IRC-related software and pictures of some of us.

(Probably of Swedish interest only) Om man ska prata svenska är det kul om man kan skriva åäö rätt. Jag har satt ihop lite tips om hur man får det att fungera.

We've had some attention in the press, believe it or not. Swedish evening paper Aftonbladet wrote an (. informative .) article about Nora, one of the channel operators on #sweden. Smurfy keyed it in so you can read it, (and also made a translation into English for those of you to whom Swedish is Greek).

Talking electronically is fine, but it's nice to meet people face to face once in a while too. There was a party held in mid-january 1995, in Linköping, for this purpouse.

Swedish. Sorry, foreigners... Några aktivister, med LingonKeps i spetsen jobbar på att ta fram ett tygmärke så man man visa sin IRC-nördighet på overaller och annat.

You also my want to check out the homepage of our sister channel on EF-Net, #sverige, our twin channel on UnderNet, #sweden or our sister channel on Un derNet, #sverige.

#Sweden Regulars With WWW Home Pages

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