Blood 2

Under Development At: Monolith Productions

Written By: Eric Eckstein


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Blood 2

Polish off the pitchfork and mangle some mad monks, as the Cabal threat is revisited in Monolith Production’s first-person shooter, Blood 2. While much of the story is being kept underwraps, the storyline will evolve throughout the game, intertwined with events and twists that occur within.  Levels will be created and populated according to these story elements, right down to the types of enemies and mission goals.  These varying goals will directly affect how the action unfolds between levels.  Monolith hopes to base its game levels on recognizable environments with every creature having a reason for being within it.  As you can see, story will play an integral part, with even the opportunity for your main character to develop inside and outside of gameplay.

Another improvement to the genre Monolith wants to flesh out is the handling of AI.  Right now, mummies the word (ouch, I know it hurt to write that) but an "advanced AI" that will be "capable of doing all the things you would expect" should be one of the key priorities. In addition, each of the various members of the Cabal, like the above Zealot, will be very different from the others in how they look, their model, skin, personality, AI, and capabilities. Naturally, players will encounter an "identifiable" main villain, as well as a host of cultists, monsters, and other creepy crawlies.

Utilizing Monolith’s new DirectEngine and sporting all the multiplayer necessities, Blood 2 could be one screamin’ demon when it rises sometime Fall ’98.

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