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This is the older of my two websites. There is some overlap, and some unique material on each site.

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Software offers! (More at newer site... see above.) Click this to go to Freeware and Shareware via a page of descriptions. Some is for computer aided learning, for home or school use, primarily for 8 to 13 year olds. There are other products here too, though! Check it out!! (Please!)

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Click here to email enquiry, reaction, or any other message.. even just to say 'hi' (I would appreciate feedback, and don't intend to pass on your eddress, or to spam you.) I maintain a 'places I've heard from map', so your general locale would be of interest, too.

Teacher's Corner... ideas for work with computers and links to websites (Revised 1 June 98)

++ Tutorials in programming with Delphi and Pascal...........

++ Directory of SIMPLE (works without fuss!!!) software for MS-DOS or Windows. ...........

++ Special promotional offer in effect.. Details near bottom of 'Software Offers' page...........

++ Shareware ready for beta testing ............

++ Protecting the privacy of your computer files ...........

Miscellaneous 'Good Cause' Promotions
Information about people, organisations, etc, which I think deserve to be known to a wider audience.

The Sheepdog's Kennel

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Software to try from other sources
(I work with software for MS-Dos and Windows only.)

Information for current users of TRD1
Tips, clarifications, new edition notifications, etc.

The best way to kill time: work it to death

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If you have your own website AND it is on Compuserve AND you use HPWiz to maintain it, you might be interested in this (Revised 2 Jun 98)

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