[1994 Election]

Jonathan Carter for Governor

Jonathan Carter is a resident of Lexington Township in Somerset County. He graduated from Williams College, received a masters in science from the University of New Hampshire, and pursued doctoral studies at the University of Maine at Orono. He has done extensive teaching at the high school and college levels, most recently at the University of Maine at Farmington. He has coordinated housing improvements for low-income citizens, and is co-founder and past president of the Rural Living Center in North New Portland. He has served on the Board of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and has met with local state and national leaders on forest issues. He lives with his wife, Dotti, and two children in a farmhouse they restored. A social and environmental activist, Jonathan Carter ran as the Maine Green Party candidate for Maine Congressional District 2 in 1992, the first electoral race for the Maine Greens.

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