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My primary internet account is with Interport, who I've used for several years now and have been very pleased with. However, my web pages are currently hosted at NetAdventure, a web company run by a friend of mine because I have more space here. My URL is now , and I would appreciate it if you would link to there rather then NetAdventure, LIGlobal or Lightning (or even Interport).

Hi. My name is Jeremy Meyers (known on the 'net as SoftLord). I will turn (ack) 20 next April, but I'm fully intending to call myself twenty-teen indefinately. You know you're getting old when you turn on the classic rock station in your city and hear a song that you remember being released originally.

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm an ardent supporter of the freedoms of cyberspace
  • I'm left-handed
  • I'm Myopic (nearsighted).
  • I have been using computers for 14 years (I started with a Commodore 64), which is way too long for any one person to be doing any one thing. I now run a nice shiny new Micron Millennia with all the fixins. Go me. Update: Wow. I never thought a computer would be almost obsolete this fast. My p2-350 is now on the low end of the midrange spectrum. Jeezus.
  • I've been a panelist for the National Coalition Against Censorship (more information is here.
  • I'm a plaintiff in an ACLU internet censorship case, more information about which is available at Tech Law Journal, because of a book list for Gay and Lesbian youth web page that I've created. More information is available from the defendants website and on the ACLU website. I'm proud to be a part of this important decision involving free speech on the internet.
  • I have e-mail forwarding via, the original mail forwarding service, and have nothing but good to say about them.

I live in New York City, and went to P.S. 11 for elementary school. Incidentally, this is where Claire Danes went. Her parents used to babysit me, if anyone cares. Hey Claire, e-mail me! </namedrop> I also went to Manhattan East for Junior High School. I am now going to my last semester at a small alternative high school in midtown NYC called Urban Academy (URL soon). On a semi-related note, if you will be applying to college, go to Bolt and ask the College Guy. I know him and he's cool and very helpful when it comes to college admissions!

In my 19 years, I've met some very special "real life" people who I'm proud (well, kinda) to call my friends, or perhaps cohorts would be a better name (okay Jeremy, you can take your tongue out of it now).

I used to maintain a links page called SoftLord's Mega Kewl Links Page, until my ISP accidently deleted my pages (backing up data is for amateurs). It is one of the earliest examples of a links page on the 'net, around before the immense commercial flow of recent years (well...recent to me, anyway, being on the net since 1993). If anyone has kept a copy of the page, even from not-so-recently, I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me a copy.

I now present for your pleasure a Yahoo-like copy of my bookmarks that I like to call BerzerkoLinks.

My (apparently really popular) paper on the history of computers is online thanks to an obscure university website in New Zealand. Thanks, obscure university website in New Zealand!

In a fit of curiousity, I set up a guestbook. If you came here, liked my page, and have some free time, feel free to sign it. I suppose, if you really wanted, you could look at it as well, though why you would want to is completely beyond me. The guestbook is courtesy of Lycos, the forgotten search engine.

My interest in psychology has led me to become a volunteer for the SAFETeen Project, which is basically a group of online peer counselors for gay/lesbian/bi/questioning youth. I find it very rewarding to be able to help youth through a particularly difficult period in their lives. If you want to find me online, I'm usually on the EFNet channel #gayteen. I am also more often than not on EFNet's #www, where you can find me ridiculing clueless newbies and occasionally helping people with reasonable web-related questions with my cohorts, known collectively as the WebSnobs

I've also done some work for:

Hire me! For more info, see my resume.

I used to collect MIDI's, but now I've moved on to mp3's. If you want, here is my old collection, and here is a list of what is contained in the file.

This is the end my friend. And remember, "The religion of one seems madness unto another." -Thomas Browne

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