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Hypertext and WWW information

Sorry, the hypertext and WWW information is no longer available on the site.
The physical machine no longer exists. Please refer to one of the new sites described below.

You are now looking at a page of the CERN site.
We still have information on HTML tools and conversion software.
For other information you can try the World-Wide Web Consortium site or the WWW Virtual Library.

About the World Wide Web

The Web originated with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, in 1990.

Web Consortium

The development of the Web technology is currently driven by the World-Wide Web Consortium, W3C, , which is hosted by MIT/LCS in the US, INRIA in Europe, and Keio University in Japan.

Web Conferences

The International WWW Conferences are organised by the IW3C2 where you can find latest info on them.

R. Cailliau, Web Office, CERN.