April thru August 1998
due to several unfortunate "scheduling" problems, we still sit here with our album unmixed. the album, tentatively titled Feeler, will likely see the light of day early (jan-march) of 1999. we've decided to add a few songs including happy voodoo, the two newly penned songs you'll come down and trust game, and possibly a few other older songs like cut me out, and/or broke down stupid to the batch of songs from which to choose. we are definitely as frustrated as anyone in having to wait for the release, but we still refuse to compromise in any way the integrity of the album by working with someone we don't fully believe in. so here we sit. we sit nicely tanned though, having just returned from a nice little jaunt down to our favorite of the 50 states, hawaii. we were invited by our good pal, Ace, to play a benefit for the Hepatitis Foundation in Maui. the show was a success and a good time was had by all. earlier in the summer, we played a few shows including a spanking good time at dallas' starplex with the wallflowers. a few weeks earlier, we played with (ick...) creed.

January, February, and March 1998
we spent these three months recording, sleeping and playing 007 Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. we've gotten pretty good, actually. todd's really good at the proximity mines now. the devious bastard. oh, anyway, so about the record: we finished recording the damn thing. we extended our schedule by six weeks just to make sure we didn't sacrifice anything on the album. these are the songs we recorded in consideration of the album: waterfall, push the hand, suck magic, joey let's go, mine, clarksville, pink (aka let down is easy), dead boy boogie, tornado, city of hate, littlefish, best of three, dollskin, twitch, and your day. we haven't yet settled on a title or artwork for the album. in fact, we still have to get the album mixed and mastered. we are planning a fall release. we're going to be rehearsing in april for some live dates scattered about the country with some texas dates. stay tuned for more details.

September, October, November, and December 1997
sorry, but we'be been way too busy rehearsing, touring, rehearsing, and recording to keep up with the news section. well, i guess that's kind of news, now isn't it? it's now a week into january 1998 and we're in the studio in pedernales, texas (willie nelson's studio) recording the album finally, so keep your pieholes shut. we'll have some stuff out around late spring/early summer. real good then. yeah..... huh?

August, 1997
we spent most of the month concentrating on what might be the last four songs written for the upcoming album. they are: best of three, clarksville, send you to heaven, and pink. we got a digital camera and started taking pictures of everything we felt like. you will soon be seeing many of these pictures on this website. people keep asking us when is the next album coming out. what the hell do you people mean? is this a rhetorical question? in any case at left is a proof that we are working hard.

July, 1997
as we've all been working very hard on the new material, we found it necessary to take a bit of a vacation from work. todd drove around texas in his new car a saw the marpha lights. mark drove around the country with his cousin and met california's finest. lisa and clark went to new york and visited our many special friends. we made a new friend in dave, the drummer from railroad jerk. swell guy. mark expanded his vast cache of impressions when he invested a few hundred bucks in a specially designed stick-of-butter costume. then one afternoon he decided to put it on and ride the bus downtown, the darn cooling fan went out and he almost melted.

June, 1997
it was another busy month for us as we played two full-on completely sold out shows. the first was part of a benefit in austin for the tornado victims of jarrell, texas. the second was also a benefit that we put on for the tim taylor memorial fund (see may). this show was at trees in dallas and raised more than $10,000 for the fund. also on the bill were dallas' own baboon, caulk, centro-matic, peter schmidt, and john freeman. juan monasterio and tyler trent of brainiac came in for the show and even joined us onstage for a version of the brainiac song "flypaper." a few days previous, we played a short acoustic set at the annual Q102 blood drive. they doubled last year's donations on the day we played. they didn't ask us to give blood. we've yet to figure out why. Pleather was re-released on the 17th with artwork that was initially vetoed for the 1993 release (see right). if your having trouble finding it, click here.

May, 1997
tim taylor (pictured at right) from brainiac died friday may 23rd when his accelerator stuck in his car causing him to crash. brainiac are friends of the toadies and were rumored to have been close to signing a contract with interscope records (toadies' label). for more details, click here. on a lighter note, we almost have enough songs to head into the studio. with the completion of just a couple more, we will have the 15 songs we plan to have to choose from. we went to six flags twice. we love the texas giant. surely the best roller coaster in the country. todd and lisa bungeed. plans are still to begin recording in july will paul leary of the butthole surfers producing.

April, 1997
april was a pretty busy month for us. we finished several new songs. we played a couple of unannounced shows here in dallas. we played with our pals, the supersuckers at trees and our close personal friends, baboon at their release party for their new album Secret Robot Control. if you'd like to see some pictures from the shows go to ryan block's excellent toadies page. we also recorded some more demos for the new album. there's probably two hits in there somewhere. it looks like we are going to go ahead and begin recording the album in late june or early july. also, in case you haven't heard, pleather is going to be re-released. it will have the same tracking and artwork as the original "released" by grass records in 1993. the track listing will be as follows: mister love, got a heart, ruth, happy face, possum kingdom. no definite release date yet, but check back here. as soon as we know, we will post it. it will not be promoted by interscope so you'll have to ask for it specifically in your local record store. oh yeah, one more thing: we got air conditioning in our rehearsal studio. that assures everyone that the next album will be a rocker.

March, 1997
we've been working diligently on new ideas and polishing the more complete songs. we plan to go record some more demos soon. things have been great with the band lately with the exception of todd's arrest at the South by Southwest music conference in mid-March. if you haven't already heard, don't ask. long story. anyway, aside from that isolated incident, we had a great time hanging out with the supersuckers and their entourage, schmoozing the pretty and famous, and eating free food. lisa spent the better part of the weekend with ethan hawke and uma thurman who were there. she says they're nice folks. we don't really believe her. oh yeah.. mark started smoking again. learn from this lesson kiddies: you don't want to turn out like him do you?

February, 1997
we continue to write songs for the new album. we have a batch of songs that are mostly finished, and plan to finish another batch before we commence recording the album. we played our first show with the new guy sunday, feb 9th, at the impala in ft. worth. it was a short, drunken affair including five of our new songs: littlefish, Joey let's go, push the hand, waterfall, and pink. mark has not had a cigarette since the new year. also, sad news for toadies and friends as longtime soundman and good friend, David Kerher, died from hepatitis complications while on vacation in hawaii. a great soundman, and amazing all around person, he will be missed.

January, 1997

we continue to celebrate in honor of our platinum record. along with drinking all the free champagne everyone has showered on us, we spend most of our days playing with the toys we bought each other for christmas. well, playing with toys and working on the new songs. todd and clark have been working hard on learning how to play guitar solos as we are going into the studio to record a Thin Lizzy song, Cowboy Song, for a compilation record to be released in Dallas. work on the new album is full steam ahead. there are surely, at least nine (9) hits in the bag, with no more than three (3) or maybe four (4) filler songs. guaranteed.

December, 1996

IT'S OFFICIAL: RUBBERNECK HAS GONE PLATINUM!!! we had to throw a party. it just so happens that we already had a party planned for our friend josh's 21st birthday. needless to say, there was much rejoicing. Lava Flows (the official toadies cocktail) were consumed en masse by everyone present. josh drank so many, he threw up all over lisa. don't worry if you missed it, we have it all on video and will surely be released by interscope in some attempt to capture that "toadies home vomit video" market. so check your video outlets soon!

we officially started working on the new album. surprisingly, the fact that everyone keeps making that "ACK!" sound from Mars Attacks doesn't seem to have stymied the creative process. Lisa was almost arrested last week for aggressively "supporting" the ft. worth fire hockey team (i.e. harassing an opposing player and accusing him of sexually abusing her nephew). on christmas eve, we went ice fishing on white rock lake with mark bringing in the biggest fish -- a one pound black bass. look for it mounted on his kick drum on the next tour!

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