"I created 'Two' because I wanted to re-capture that tangible rush I experienced when I first launched my career," explains Rob Halford.   "When I started the writing process for this release, I knew I was going to have a markedly different sound to offer my fans.  

Initially, the main focus, for me, was to make sure all of the songs were structured as well as possible.   In the past, I think I was a little careless.   My voice is still capable of delivering everything I've ever created, and I know my fan base loves it when I showcase my vocal abilities; in fact, they seem to insist upon it in each release.   And I'm aware of this; so much so, that on prior recordings, I found myself taking shortcuts with the songs to please my fans.   I didn't always pursue the full range of options which a song potentially could give.  

Now, however, the songs are all that matter to me.   I allowed myself and everyone involved in the production of Voyeurs to use their instincts when it came to making critical decisions regarding each particular song.   The songs literally dictated my performance.   As a result, I don't feel I'm over singing on this album.   It's the most enjoyable album I've ever been a part of.  

On Voyeurs, I'm showing everyone that I still love to perform songs which can be enjoyed by any one who is in their car relishing the sounds coming from the radio.   That, to me, is when I'm most vulnerable to a good song.   I just allow the radio to control the animation which my mind loves to create.  

From the complicated futility delivered on "Water's Leaking, Leave Me Alone and Bed of Rust," to the intense irrational reality of a dream in the form of a "Stutter Kiss," or the surreal concept of living life from a hole, "Deep In The Ground." All of the ingredients to escape the hardships we experience week-to-week is huffing to get at you, and that's exciting to me.  

Most know that I'm a risk taker, and that's reflected in these songs.   Admittedly, I've never taken the safe road in my career.   And I believe music fans are intrigued by that facet in a musician.   I know I am.   I admit the transitions I've faced over the last 6 years as a result of the risks I've taken with my career have been difficult at times.   I've had some ups and downs, from a career standpoint, but I'm proud of the fact that I've taken chances.  

I think this release shows that I've been working hard at pulling down the walls which I barricaded myself within, musically speaking, over the last 10+ years, for good or bad, and that's an incredible source of motivation for me at this point in my career.   When my last project wasn't as big a commercial success as I hoped it would be; I felt it was time to get rid of all the expectations people had for me.   It's great to come back with a new band, new musical associations, and release an album like Voyeurs."

The blue print for Two began in October 1995 with the selection of and collaboration with guitarist John Lowery and Producer Bob Marlette.   In February 1996, a chance meeting with Trent Reznor in New Orleans during Mardi Gras; resulted in a recording deal with Reznor's Nothing label.   With Reznor on board as Executive Producer and Marlette and Dave Ogilvie Producing, recording commenced in October 1996 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and by September '97 Voyeurs was completed.  

"Once Trent and Dave got involved, the songs reflected a lot more color and energy.   I was very pleased with their desire to get involved.   Trent offered guidance and insight to the songs; which, I feel made them stronger.   And while there are many character similarities between us, I don't feel either of us paint with the same colors.   That's probably why Voyeurs became such an evocative expression of sounds."

Voyeurs will release in March '98, with U.S. dates to commence in April '98, and international touring commencing in May.

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