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Meimad is a non-partisan public action movement in Israel comprised of firmly
committed religious Jews who support moderation in political and social issues.

Religious Unity

Meimad provides a voice for the thousands of religious Israelis who cannot identify with the extremism of the present religious Zionist establishment, and serves as a rational partner with whom the non-religious Israeli majority can enter into significant dialogue.

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The Jewish Character of Israeli Life
The Need for an Alternate Religious Zionist Voice
MEIMAD and Diaspora Jewry
Leadership Rav Yehuda Amital
Rabbi Michael Melchior
Activitities Influential Committees on Halacha and Society
Healing the Religious-Secular Split
Rav Amital's Term as Government Minister
The 1996 National Elections
The most important mission: - EDUCATION
Positions The Peace Process
The Jewish Character of Israel
Torah and Democracy
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New Covenant for Religious - Non-Religious Cooperation

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