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Welcome to our newly revamped Action Figure Archives!
This is the place to find the answer to whatever burning questions you may have about a variety of lines. We currently cover more lines than you could find anywhere else on the internet, and in more detail. Granted, we do not have archives concerning Star Wars, Star Trek, or GI JOE, mainly because there are many very good ones already in existance elswhere on the WWW. We prefer to highlight lines that aren't being celebrated anywhere else. Look for new archives from time to time, although to create a new one may take a man with an iron will.
We hope you enjoy the archives, and please contact Jason Geyer or Eric G. Myers.
if you have any questions or know any information that is not currently existing on the sites. Now go explore!

334_tn.jpg - 4.8 KThe 3 3/4 Inch Archives
Kevin Lentz brings you information and photos of some of the most famous action figures in this popular scale. New archives added regularly. Check out such features as Battlestar Galactica, CHiPs, and Universal Monsters. An exciting and growing resource!

Action Figure Web Page Archives
The Big Kahuna of the web from way back, Randy Matthews' seminal page was the inspiration for many of the toy sites out there today, this one included. Recently taken offline at it's original server, Randy's Archives have found a new home here at RTM. If you need to find information on what constituted almost every line made, go here.

bmbutt.jpg - 5.19 KBatman: The Animated Series Archive
Covering all the esential figures released in this very popular line, this archive also touches upon variations (repaints), vehicles, and background information on the toys and cartoon series.

fclogo3_tn.jpg 4.9 KFamous Covers Archive
Come take a comprehensive look at all the figures from this extremely popular line of toys from Toy Biz. History, trivia, exclusives, variants, and custom work are all found in this one extensive resource.

The Mego Museum
An amazing piece of work by Scott Carroll, this site has the full rundown on Mego figures from the 70's, custom works galore, and news on upcoming developments concerning the brand. Check it out!

swbutt.jpg - 7.94 KMarvel Superheroes Secret Wars Archive
Celebrating the first line to be strictly Marvel related, this archive details the figures, vehicles, promotional items, and various other merchandise. Go now, to see what Mattel came up with in one of their few times at the superhero bat in this, the most comprehensive Secret Wars resource ever.

spmbutt.jpg - 1.46 KSpider-Man Figure Archives
Now that Toy Biz has made over 100 different Spider-Men alone, this archive is a necessary resource to keep track of all the Spidey merchandise currently connected with the toy line. Now maintained by Mike Fichera.

spbutt.jpg - 10.94 KSuper Powers Collection Archive
The most complete source of Super Powers information available, this archive contains prototypes, full figure statistics, vehicles, playsets, product history and much more. From the scoop on cards to unproduced items, there isn't a better resource anywhere.

smosbutt.jpg - 5.63 KSuperman: Man of Steel Archive
This unfortunately short lived line gets the full RTM treatment, showing unproduced figures, packaging prototypes, and the full breadth of what did make it to the pegs.

sbutt.jpg - 7.61 KSuperman: The Animated Series Archive
With the figures currently hard to find but gaining popularity, this archive gives the wonderfully made line a shot in the arm that should carry it into Fall 1997, when new episodes of the cartoon will undoubtably boost interest and sales.

tjbutt.jpg - 6.02 KTotal Justice Archive
Looked upon by many as the last chance for DC based figures, Total Justice supplies this archive with a wide assortment of different characters in it's first three line-ups alone. Augmenting the line are compatible figures from other Kenner licenses.

xbutt.jpg - 5.94 KX-Men Archive
This archive attempts to catalog the ever-growing massive collection of X-Men figures. Showcasing the figures, accessories , and variations, this archive is the place to go to see just how this line came to dominate the current toy scene.

bestbutt.jpg - 7.72 KThe Best of the Web
The RTM page tips its hat to some of the finest web sites available. Check out these archives for information and pictures of a variety of toys from Star Wars to Happy Meal toys. These are truly the best of the best and we are proud to direct you to them.

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