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Aaron 1.6.1 (21 April 1997) -- Shareware Fee: $10

Download Aaron: 680x0-only version

Download Aaron: Fat (680x0 and PowerPC) version

Why Wait for Eight?

A couple of years ago, Apple announced its upcoming major system software release, originally code named "Copland" (after the 20th century American composer Aaron Copland) and later called "Mac OS 8". One of the most visible features of Copland was its new 3D grayscale user interface. Since then, the plans for Copland / Mac OS 8 have been scrapped in favor of incremental releases and the NeXT-based Rhapsody OS. However, this new Grayscale Appearance lives on in the halls of Apple, and it is slated to appear in this summer's "Tempo" system software release, which Apple has recently decided to rename "Mac OS 8". But why wait? With Aaron, your Mac can have this Apple Grayscale Appearance today! Just drop Aaron into your Extensions folder, and your Mac will have the interface of Mac OS 8. Aaron is currently one of the most popular shareware programs available.

Aaron's Features

Replaces the windows, floating windoids, scroll bars, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, and popup menus with ones based on the Apple Grayscale Appearance.

Aaron's windows have a thick border which you can use to draw the window from any side. These windows also have a WindowShade widget at the top right of the title bar. Clicking on it collapses the window to just its title bar. The System 7.5.x WindowShade extension does not work correctly with Aaron; if you double-click the window title bar, the window does not collapse completely.

Substitutes Veritas 12 for Chicago 12 as the system font. Veritas is my own version of Apple's Truth font, which is rumored to be the system font under Mac OS 8. This substitution affects Chicago 12 everywhere it appears, even if you select it as the text font in a document. If you are using Greg's Buttons, then this feature disables itself. In that case, you need to switch on the Substitute System Font feature in Greg's Buttons and select one of the alternative system fonts it provides.

NOTE: If you are one of the many people who hate Truth/Veritas 12 and prefer the font Espi Sans Bold 10 that prior versions of Aaron used as a system font, just drop the included ~Aaron Espi Enabler file into your Extensions folder. This tiny extension does not install any code or patch any traps; it just tells Aaron to use Espi Sans Bold 10 instead of Veritas 12. The only requirement is that it must load after Aaron does.

The menubar and menus have a gray background with subtle 3D tinges and dividers. Selected menu items are highlighted using the window color specified in the "Color" control panel.

Finder windows have gray headers with subtle 3D tinges and dividers, and for inactive windows, the header text is grayed out.

Automatically installs replacement icons for folders, suitcases, fonts, clippings, and generic documents and applications. These icons are a close match for the ones Apple is rumored to be using in Mac OS 8. Aaron does not change your system file, so your icons will revert to normal if you disable Aaron.

Patches the progress bars in the Finder and various applications with ones based on the Apple Grayscale Appearance. The progress bar color it determined by the window color specified in the "Color" control panel. These progress bars look so cool that you will be copying and trashing files just to see them!

Alert boxes have a gray background and a red tinted border. Some dialog boxes also have a gray background.

Gives you color alert icons (stop sign, caution, and note).

Gives the disclosure triangles in the Finder a slight 3D effect.

Adds spinning zoom rectangles to the Finder. You can disable this feature ResEdit by editing the "WPrf" resource in a COPY of of the ~Aaron file (editing the currently active ~Aaron file causes a crash).

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