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Reviewed By: Spartan                                                                                       
Published By: Monolith
System Requirements: Pentium 133, 32mb RAM                                                                                    
                                      Win95, Direct 3d or 3dfx                                                                        

About:  Shogo is a game based on anime.  Anime is Japanese for Animation.  All the characters in this game are animated but have good graphical detail.  You play the part of Sanjuro a pilot for the United Corporate Authority (UCA). Your task is to locate and kill the leader of a rebel faction.  Even though, this game uses anime, it contains a very serious and mature theme. 

Characters: You play the roll of Sanjuro. Your primary contact for the UCA is Kathryn, also your girlfriend.  Other Characters include:

Weapons:  The weapons of Shogo look pretty interesting.  The first weapon, a A74 Handgun, is a 10 round 10mm pistol.  There is also a shotgun, high powered rifle, and grenade launcher.   Some of the more interesting weapons however, are the Celsior AS-10 and Vollmer-VK-75 these are high powered weapons that shoot in beams.  Weapons such as the Ludenarms mov-4 and mt-101 are high powered missile/artillery weapons.  These weapons are most effective for long range. 

Enemies:  The enemies in this game are highly detailed.  These are the things that are going to  cause you problems throughout the game:

Multiplayer: Play the game via modem or get up to 32 people via the internet or a  LAN.  Both deathmatch and co-op is available.

Graphics/Audio Features: Cutting Edge 3d using the Lith tech 3d engines.  Some of it's features are:

Awesome Audio:


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