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About Winamp
Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT. Winamp supports MP3, MP2, CD, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom interfaces called skins and audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. Winamp is shareware, so download Winamp, try it and then kindly register your copy.

NEW! Winamp 2.05 R E L E A S E D




  N E W  F E A T U R E S  I N  W I N A M P  2 . 0 5
  • wVis 4.0 (better fullscreen support, new effects, higher quality rendering!)
  • Preliminary CDDB support. It rocks!
  • Massively better HTTP streaming. Even allows you to psuedo-stream MOD and MIDI files!
  • Much improved MOD/XM/IT playback.
  • A lot of new IPC stuff (for plug-in authors)
  • Bugfixes galore
NEW! Rumors abound... R E L E A S E D
Overheard in the ladies' room at Nullsoft World Headquarters:

Newsbeat -- Wahoo, Nebraska -- Justin Frankel, developer of Winamp and international man of mystery, was recently sighted at the annual Wahoo Llama whippin' competition. This contest, held every November after all the corn's been shucked and the cows tipped, pits coder against coder as they compete for the title of "Llamaster."

Frankel and his Ukranian llama, Clickon Deepig, took top honors this year as was expected. In the two hour awards ceremony held that evening, Frankel was quoted as saying "Mama always told me life was like the toilet paper at the elementary school, it don't take crap off nobody!"

Deepig could not be reached for comment.

-Tom, Evil Petting Zoo Coordinator
Nullsoft and Audiosoft Partner R E L E A S E D
Nullsoft announced on November 3rd at the Webnoise conference in Los Angeles that it has partnered with Audiosoft to include the secure MP3 ASFS format support in Winamp, in addition to Winamp's native Nitrane MP3 decoder and other format support. Read the press release for more information.

-Rob 3:16, Team Nullsoft
Another Band Joins the Fun! R E L E A S E D
While wandering around on the net while I was supposed to be working, I came across, which is a band called Soul Coughing's (duh) Official Web SiteTM. I personally love this band, and after rummaging around on the site for a bit, discovered they have an MP3 o' the Month! Woohoo! Soul Coughing is a great band, and their site is tres cool. Well?! What are you waiting for! CHECK IT OUT!

-Jenn, Why are you still reading this?? GO!
Winamp and Partner R E L E A S E D
Nullsoft announced today at the Webnoise conference in Los Angeles that it has partnered with to release an exclusive co-branded player. Read the press release for more information.

-Rob, Hack Journalist, Team Nullsoft
Rubber Chicken Voodoo Surprisingly Effective R E L E A S E D
When Team Nullsoft is not busy coding, like most geeks, we're practicing wholesome, old-fashioned voodoo. In place of the more traditional kewpie doll voodoo, we find rubber chicken voodoo works well for most common Microsoft-directed hexes.

Recently, after finishing Winamp 2.04 late one moonlit night, we performed a rare voodoo dance, waving the rubber chicken violently above a Microsoft Office 98 box placed in an alter of candles and incense. Today an Israeli Winamp fan scanned and sent in this recent Microsoft advertisement from the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Look just below the Microsoft Word icon to clearly see Winamp listed as a Microsoft Office 98 application. Hail, praise and witness the mystical dark forces of rubber chicken voodoo! Huzzah!

-Rob, Hex Editor, Team Nullsoft
More CIH Info R E L E A S E D
Ari Pollak sent along some additional tidbits of info regarding how to remove CIH from your system, if you're one of the unlucky persons stuck with it (Thanks, Ari!):

The WIN95.CIH virus is memory-resident to the max, which means that once you're infected, every single program that you run will also be infected, and most Anti-virus programs will not run when they detect that they are corrupt. So you might want to issue a warning to users not to run any Anti-virus programs in Windows because they could only spread the virus further. I suggest that they download Norton's KILL_CIH, which kills all variations of CIH, plus "inoculates" your computer so you can not re-infect your memory during that session, allowing you to run an anti-virus program. KILL_CIH is located at the Symantec (Norton) Antivirus Research Center.

-Tom, Herr Direktor.
Installer Problems, Site Problems R E L E A S E D
Some of you have emailed support regarding problems installing Winamp 2.04 on your machine. Specifically most of you have had problems with the installer, which won't install because there's a CRC error. Well, we've got some good news and some bad news for those of you suffering this malaise. The good news is that the new Winamp Installer sort of doubles as a virus detector. That is, if someone tries to infect our installer before sending it out to you, it won't install itself on your computer. The bad news, though, is if you're receiving this error, your computer was probably infected with a virus before you downloaded Winamp.

Most people having this problem have computers which were previously infected with the W95.CIH virus. Norton Antivirus or most other recent virus programs are capable of disinfecting your system from t his somewhat benign virus. Winamp will install normally after you disinfect your system and download a fresh copy of Winamp.

If you check your system for viruses and still don't find any problems, your browser is probably corrupting the file on download. Try using an FTP client to download the latest Winamp. CuteFTP is on e of many excellent FTP clients. Once you snag a client, try downloading from in the /pub/audio/nullsoft/winamp directory.

Special thanks to you all for putting up with the recent server problems. We're simply overloaded on bandwidth demand and underpaid to support what we need. We're working on remedies and expanding our servers to support the load you're generating. You should see significant improvement today, but things will get better and better in the future. Thanks for your patience as we keep growing!

-Tom, dude who's forgotten what the sun looks like.

Yet Another Update From Jenn R E L E A S E D
Justin "persuades" Jenn to start doing Tech Support again. Jenn decides to give it another go.

Jenn would also like to thank all the ready and willing volunteers. She will keep your email addresses handy for if/when she needs a little help.

-Jenn, The Now-Reinstated Tech Support Person, Nullsoft

P.S. Hi STEVE!!!
A Word From the Peanut Gallery R E L E A S E D
A.K.A. Jenn's Long-Ass Update

And thus begins the story of Jenn, the usually silent member of the team. She would just like to express her deep apologies for the masses that have emailed Tech Support and have not received a response. Earlier, when Jenn first started handl ing Tech Support and bug reports and suggestions and so on, her profession was that of a lazy bum, having really nothing else to do with the loads of free time on her hands.

And then, while Winamp Tech Support was fairly new and the email address was buried deep within the large quantities of HTML that run rampant on, Jenn took on the title of Resource Curator, which sounds nifty, but was really more of a catch-all for whatever task Rob, Tom, or Justin felt was too tedious and did not want to do at the moment. However, Jenn had fun. We laughed, cried, and had an all around good time sorting through skin and plug-in submissions, and Jenn first waded through HTML, learning tags and hexidecimal colors and cursed tables. Life went on its merry little way.

Weeks pass ..

Jenn continued on, sorting through the growing number of email and skin and plug-in submissions, dedicating hours out of her week- err, day, ever valiant. Sometimes she would be gone for days at a time, and come back to several hundreds of email waiting for her when she returned home. Daunting as this was, Jenn would attempt to answer as many as she could, before realizing the effort was moot, scrapping the lot of them, and starting over anew.

But, Jenn then endeavored to find a job, outside of the apartment, and unattach herself from Justin's hip. She had several get-rich-quick no-actual-effort-involved ways of doing it, all of which failed, hopelessly, miserably. Jenn then resorted to the g ood ol' fashioned, get up and get dressed, and go submit applications in at various establishments. One of which being Photography by JCPenney's.

A few more weeks pass. Jenn begins to lose hope.

Lo and behold! The Studio Manager from the JCPenney Portrait Studio calls, wanting her to work for them. Jenn rejoices! Jenn does a little jig. She goes through training, paid thankfully, and endures hours of repetitive, mind-numbing videos, and takes practice portraits (which surprisingly turn out well, disregarding the fact that the subject w as an over-sized stuffed panda). Jenn begins to work part-time.

A dilemma developes! Jenn comes home tired from work, and no longer wants to sort through the masses of email on her days off. Sadly, Tech Support gets shafted. She makes futile attempts at responding, but soon the amount of email grosses over 5,000. Jenn can no longer 'read and sometimes reply to your bug report emails'. Jenn hangs her head.

-Jenn, Karma Dispenser, Team Nullsoft

P.S. Jenn would like to add that she still is going over skin and plug-in submissions, and is also taking Tech Support VOLUNTEERS .. if you hardly ever receive email and would like to and/or are an all-around good samaritan, AND (this is very impor tant) know Winamp inside and out, please email Jenn at Thank you.
Free Chemical Brothers Remix R E L E A S E D
Steve Rennie, the Grand Poobah of UBL, sent us some info on a free Chemical Brother's remix of the band Mercury Rev's song Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp. This is free, legal, new music from major label artists online in MP3, so go check it. Chemical Brothers fans rejoice.

As you might guess, we get a lot of email. We like to hear from you. However, please don't send us useless email unless it's laughably bad, for example,

" guys should code less and watch more porn..."


-Rob, Rookie Third Baseman, Team Nullsoft
New stuff coming up, yadda yadda R E L E A S E D
That counter is getting dangerously close to 13M.

Winamp 2.03 is on its way with numerous bugfixes and a couple new features.

Meanwhile, you can get VQF support for Winamp here, SID support for Winamp here (thanks to all the people developing Winamp plug-ins-- you rule).

On that note, here is a request to plug-in authors: If you haven't already, please submit your plug-ins to our database by clicking here. We're trying to build up our list, and we'd appreciate having all the coolest plug-ins around

-Justino Badino, Nullsoft

All rights reserved. Copyright © 1998. Nullsoft, Inc.