Shareware and freeware for IBM-type pcs written by author of this website. (Not for Macs)

Revised 30 Sept 98

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Page contents:

     a) List of programs on offer  (Table of contents... no links)
     b) FAQs answered
     c) Individual program details and DOWNLOAD link buttons
     d) Miscellaneous general points

(You have to scroll down to section 'c' to download the software.)

Special Offer Details: at bottom of page

There is much overlap, but I may have slipped up in keeping the lists in sync... Visit my other site if you want to check that you haven't missed some recent gem. Bookmark this page first!!

Table of Contents starts here.... scroll further down the page for details and download buttons.

o) Freeware 'file dump' program. Lets you view file contents

p) Charting Program (stock market, etc)... link to more information

q) Program for scanning freeform database

r) File encryption software

s) Program for charting stock market data

t) Database for identifying British birds

u) Two in one... Demo and Verb Usage Trainer

v) Vocabulary Building Word Game (Windows)

w) Arithmetic Word Problems

x) Adding / Multiplying Skills Survey, Test

y) Reading Skill Exerciser.... (Free)

z) Addition.. against clock.. 4+2=6, 3+7=10, etc

The page ends with a number of general points which you may find useful.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I'm not getting much feedback on the programs I've made available over the net. Are they not downloading? Are they no good? Are the registration charges too high?

Please try downloading SOMETHING, ANYTHING... and send me a brief email relating your experiences?

Click here to email comment

You should find that what is on this page works without incident. If you do have problems, the link below ('Help Topics') gives information about downloading, about the meaning of 'Click here to download from CS', about SimTel mirror sites, and further information on my 'Help Me?' request.

Help Topics


More on Why DOS programs are sitll useful, How to UnZip, Using Cmnd Line Parameters, ETC!!

When it exists below, the 'Click here to download from CS' is probably your best choice

All of these programs are for IBM type computers only (MS-DOS or Windows).

The software is free or shareware. There is no charge from me for trying them. (You still have your usual Internet costs, of course.) See the bottom of the page for other general information. Do you know about 'unzipping' files? If not, if the file you get is named <something>.zip, ask a friend who's been using online sources or shareware. It's easy. (or email me if you wish...)
My programs don't do silly things to your disc, ini files or registry. I HATE programs that do that without checking with me first, don't you?? (See also 'Further observations')
Much of my software can also be obtained from the CompuServe Education Forum (search on author 100665,1141) The advantage of collecting it from there is that you get extra protection against viruses.
I am also willing to send you a floppy disc with many of these programs on it, unzipped and organised neatly in folders, ready to use. There is a Win95 version and an MS-DOS version. The Win95 version adds a folder to your start programs; the DOS version comes with a 'Menu'. You just type 'GO' from a DOS prompt. Send $8 or 5 British pounds (no ECUs, thank you) to: TK Boyd, 7 Nelson Close, Tangmere, Chichester, W Sx, PO20 6FW. 3.5", 1.44 meg discs only, sorry. I will also accept as payment cheques or checks payable to major charities if you send an addressed envelope for me to use to forward the charity payment. SAY WHICJ VERSION YOU WANT (WIN OR DOS)! (Sending an email address might speed things up.)

Click here for further observations... to help you understand the philosphy I aspire to when writing new software and in trying to serve customers.

Individual descriptions and download buttons

o) Freeware 'file dump' program

This program will display the contents of a chunk of the start of any file. The contents are displayed in hex, and where printable, ASCII. It is helpful for looking into 'mystery' files which you cannot think how they arrived on your disc. It is completely inert... will not affect your system. Won't answer every question, but will do no harm along the way!

This is newly added... if you encounter any download problems, please try again in a little while, I'm still installing, testing. Should be done within an hour of this appearing, but can't promise. Other items here are well established, and SHOULD download

Click here to download from CS

p) Charting program (stockmarket, etc)

q) Freeform Database

I needed a program which didn't seem to be available at any reasonable price. I will describe my need. With a little imagination, I suspect you will see ways it could help you with other needs.

I often pack things in boxes for storage. It then is difficult to find things, so I make lists of the boxes' contents. The data does not suit a conventional database well because the records are often very short, but sometimes quite long. With the program I've written, you just 'pour' the data into a wordprocessed document with a few extra punctuation marks. My program can then scan the data for anything you like, and it will return the heading lines under which the thing you were looking for is found. The program can scan multiple files without requiring re-running. Sample data....

   >Box 1, in loft
   =Stamp collection
   =Aunt Rene's compass
   =Photograph album prepared by grandmother when Cedar Frith shut
   =This is
   - a nonsense entry just to
   - illustrate the fact that an item
   - can extend over several lines.
   =Old discs
   >Box 2
   >Green, in spare room (Hweadings can be multi-line, too!
   =Disc boxes
   =Christmas cards

Click here to download from CS


r) File encryption software

It is not just the KGB and CIA that have uses for file encrypting programs! This is a neat, tidy, simple one that will scramble any file for you. (Text files, other data files, program files.) Do you have something confidential to email or send via ordinary mail? Do you want to be sure that only your intended recipient reads it? Do you work on a computer others have access to? Do you have copyright software on a 'public' machine in circumstances where others shouldn't use the copyright material in your absence? Do you want to 'embargo' some liong document until a certain time, until certain people are present? (Send an encrypted copy. Deliver the decrypting key when the embargo limit passes, or give pieces of the key to the people who must be present.) Yes to any of the above? Give this program a try!! (More information given in the program.)

You need to click on BOTH of the following 'Click here to download' buttons (One after the other!) One will give you the program for encrypting or reading encrypted files. This is software that you must pay for, if you want to use it beyond a reasonable evaluation period. The other will give you a cut down version of the program which you may give away for unlimited use. It allows users to read/use files encrypted with the first program.

Click here to download from CS Click here to download from CS


(You will go to a discussion of encryption keys if you click here)


s) Program for charting stock market data

This program will only be of use to users of Virgil Corp's program 'StockTraker'. (I have nothing to do with either Virgil or Stocktraker. This program is not endorsed by them.) Stocktraker is a useful Windows program which simplifies following Wall Street via CompuServe. (And no, I'm not connected with CompuServe, either, other than as a customer and former shareholder.) The program reads the data files created by Stocktracker and displays the information as charts.

Click here to download from CS


t) Database for Identifying British Birds

You (or your child, pupil) see a bird. It is about the size of a blackbird, but has a grey head, brown back. The bill is like a blackbird's. What is it? Click on the link below to learn more about a database designed to answer such questions. Great for encouraging chidren to persue what is for many a very satisfying hobby. Great as an example of something databases can be used for.

Click here for details


u) Free: Two in one... Demo and Verb Usage Trainer

Demo: This free program demonstates a program which allows exercises or tests to be constructed from simple text files. Some text files come with the paid-for version of the program, but users can easily create their own. The program can handle any topic where the question's answers have to be one thing, and one thing only.

Verb Usage Trainer: The demo is useful in its own right. It presents a number of exercises in which the user must supply the correct form of a verb within a given context. For example, the computer might display:

The boy <run> to town, but was <run> slowly.

(Entering 'ran' and 'running' would score points. Wrong answers result in the computer revealing the right answer.) The file you download will need to be unzipped.

Click here to download from CS
Click here to download from CA, or...
Click here to download from Australia, or...
Click here to download from England


v) Free Vocabulary Building Word Game (Windows)

This free word game for Windows works as follows:

On the screen you see three 'wheels' with letters around their edges. You rotate the wheels until three letters line up to make a word. Whoever makes the most words in the time allowed wins! (The file you download will need to be unzipped.)

Click here to download from CS
Click here to download from CA, or...
Click here to download from Austraila, or...
Click here to download from England


w) Arithmetic Word Problems

Presents problems like "If George had 5 sheepdogs and gained 2 more, how many would he have?"

Addition and subtraction problems arise. The text and the form of the question varies. This is 'slim-ware'... it does one small job elegantly. Perfect for a little 'pill' to feed the kids in the sugar of their 'zap-zap' games, or for teachers with a few spare minutes at the end of a lesson. The file you can download by clicking the next line will need unzipping.

Click here to download from CS
Click here to download from CA, or...
Click here to download from Australia, or...
Click here to download from England


x) Adding / multiplying skills survey

I have a free program which is still under development. It is part of a survey to find out what 'good' is when it comes to doing addition or multiplication of single digits. If you don't mind a few rough edges, please give it a try? Participants will (eventually!) be provided with overall results.

Click here to download from CS


y) Reading Skill Exerciser.... (Free)

Runs on minimal IBM or clone (good use for that dinosaur that a 'helpful' parent gave the school!)

This program puts a short list of words on the screen briefly. It then replaces the list with one word, and asks the user 'Was that word in the list?'

The program encourages the user to improve his/her skill at scanning a line of text. It is not a 'speed reading' course, just something to improve a skill which is part of all reading.

Click here to download from CS
Click here to download from CA, or....
Click here to download from Austraila, or...
Click here to download from England


Click here, too, if you download the software

The file you will download will need to be unzipped.


z) Addition.. 4+2=6, 3+7=10, etc

Free! Runs on minimal IBM or clone.

An old idea, and you might like to look at my comments under 'Why Sheepdog', but this version of this program has some virtures:

The user must answer the problems within a time limit to get points

The program can be configured for the user's skill level

Click here to download from CS
Click here to download

Miscellaneous General Points

Click here for General Points

Special Offer: I have a new program in final development. It is for printing address labels... quickly, simply. (Meant for addresses you write to often) A free copy of the beta will be sent to anyone registering a program while this offer is still posted here.... but remind me of your expectations when you register / order, please!

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