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The one book EVERYONE needs!

The Spy Guy says:
"If you use a phone, a fax, the mail or shipping services, you will love The CODE® BOOK of America. Includes all forty-seven new area codes soon to be on line."

Puts the world at your fingertips.

Area codes are changing faster than the weather! If you use a phone or a fax machine in your business, or if you have a cellular phone, travel for business or pleasure, or use the mail or shipping services such as UPS or FED EX, this book will save you time and money. It has been designed to keep up with the rapidly changing telephone area codes, by compiling the most up-to-date information available. The book lists both the telephone area code and primary postal ZIP code of US localities of 5,000 or more (over 90% of the population!).

The CODE BOOK is laid out in a handy, easy-to-use format, with state-by-state alphabetical listings of localities. If you use the phone in your work you will refer to your CODE BOOK "all the time," saving time calling the operator and saving real money on operator assistance fees and charges for misdialing to localities with new codes.

The Office Size CODE BOOK is designed to go next to your phone. 96 pages. (5.5" x 8.5"), just $6.95 (ask for ISBN# 0-929150-64-3). Available at fine book and office supply stores everywhere.

The handy Pocket Size for on the road. If you travel abroad for business or pleasure the pocket size Code Book will become your most trusted traveling companion. It lists all the world's country codes as well as the codes for the major cities of each foreign country. It will make it much easier when you are dealing with foreign telephone operators and systems, and is certain to save you both time and money. Don't leave America without it! 96 pages. (4.25" x 7.5"), just $5.95 (ask for ISBN# 0-929150-65-1)

The Code Book of America

For offices with phones, faxes, and answering machines.

Post this handy, colorful chart next to your fax or answering machine. It has some of the best features from the CODE BOOK. Area Codes in Numerical Order, Country Codes in Numerical Order, USA Abreviations and Time Zone map, and a 1998 calender. Prints out great on most ink jet and bubble jet printers. Avaliable at bookstores. Ask for ISBN# 0-929150-71-6. Only $3.00


We have provided sample pages so that you can see how The Code Book and our E-Z Code Finder are formatted. You can also print out several valuable charts and tables. These files may take a while to download, but if you use the phone in your business, you will want to take the time to print the charts, tables and map out. (NOTE: graphics print differently depending on four variables: Your browser, your server, your printer, and your computer. On some systems they print out great in color directly from the net. On others, you may need to copy the graphic directly on to your hard drive and try printing it out using programs such as Photoshop.)

1. US Area Codes & ZIP codes sample page link.

This is a representative page of the layout and U.S. code informaion contained in the book. Page 61.

...view a sample page

2. International Country & City Codes sample page link.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, The CodeĻ Book of America has the best listing of international country and city telephone codes available in print ...period! It lists the telephone codes for all countries and many major cities. If you do business internationally you know how irritating it can be trying to find country codes when you want to make a call or send a fax. Keep a Code Book by your phone or fax machine and you'll never have to wait for the international operator again! And if you travel, don't go anywhere without it. This sample is representative of the international code listings in the book. Page 90.

...International Country & City Codes sample page

3. North American Area Codes in Numerical Order link.

HOT HOT HOT! One satsified customer called this page in the book, "the most usefull page in print." It's even better on the net, where we can do it in color! Great for analyzing phone bills and fax reports and for figuring out just where that unfamiliar call on your voice mail came from. If you have Caller ID service it will instantly show you from which states your calls are originating before you answer. This page will be updated throughout the year (make a bookmark to come back for new changes.) Page 96., printable North American Area Codes in Numerical Order chart

4. International Country Codes in Numerical Order link.

If you phone or fax around the world you want this page. Page 95., printable International Codes in Numerical Order table..

5. US & Canadian Postal Abbreviations & Time Zones.

This handy map shows the time zones and two letter postal abbreviations for all states and provinces. Great for knowing what time it is wherever you are calling. Pop quiz! What are the postal abbreviations for Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri and Manitoba? No peeking. Page 4.

...FREE USA States & Time Zones map

6. 1997-1998 NEW AREA CODES link.

This table shows when the 47 new new North American telephone area codes are coming on line in 1997 and 1998! Shows which states are affected, when the new codes will be coming on line, and the implementation dates. Updated throughout the year. Page 3.

Table last updated: April 17, 1997

...FREE table of NEW Area Codes

7. E-Z CODE FINDER link.

This colorful, 8.5" X 11" wall chart is for offices which have phones, faxes and answering machines. It has the map, the Area Codes & Country Codes in numerical order tables, and a 1998 calendar.

8. Business Gifts, Premiums and Promotions link.
The Code Book and the E-Z Code Finder make great business and promotional gifts and fund raisers. Click here to see how these great products can help your business or organization. for info..

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