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Manufacturer of WEST SYSTEM(r) Brand Epoxy Products and PRO-SET(r) Brand Composites Fabricating Epoxies

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Gougeon Brothers, Inc.
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Administration & Technical Information: 517-684-7286
Order Department: 517-684-6881

Order Department, Administration: 517-684-1374
Technical, Health & Safety: 517-684-1287
Purchasing, Plant Operations: 517-684-0905

WEST SYSTEM Technical Information: tech-support@westsystem.com
    (It may take 3 to 5 business days to answer email. For fastest service call 517-684-7286)
PRO-SET Technical Information: pro-set@gougeon.com
    (It may take 3 to 5 business days to answer email. For fastest service call 517-684-7286)
EPOXYWORKS Magazine (Subscriptions/letters): eworks@concentric.net

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EPOXYWORKS®, a magazine about building, restoring and repairing with epoxy, is published twice a year by Gougeon Brothers, Inc. It features, interesting projects, the latest techniques, shop and safety tips and news from the Gougeon research and test labs. Receive a free (USA and Canada) two year/four issue subscription to EPOXYWORKS by completing a confidential on-line survey/subscription form. (Available outside USA and Canada for $4.00 US.)

The Project Directory lists over 300 repair and construction projects completed by epoxy users willing to share their experience. If you're starting the same project, you can get first hand advice from someone who's been there. Projects cover a wide range of marine and non-marine repairs, restorations and construction. You can also add your own project to the Project Directory to share your experience with others.

The On-Line Project Bulletin Board allows you to communicate with other epoxy users on a wide variety of epoxy-related topics.

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