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by Tom Roberts, with help from many (exert from Green Voices Issue #1 and updated. Please mail updates/additions/suggestions to Tom Roberts - troberts@mint.net

When you hear The Triad, what is being referred to is the three-pronged approach of the Maine Greens that has been under development since 1992. The three areas our work falls into are of equal importance, are mutually supportive, and continuously cross-fertilized with ideas and energy. In fact the same people often work in two or even all three areas over the course of a year. At any point in time, one part of the triad may receive more attention than the others, but over time this must balance out.

When we consider all of the various people who feel energized by working with others on projects arising out of the implementation of our Green Values, we see that some of them are not at all interested in electoral politics of the Green Party. Others are not at all interested in Direct Action type of confrontational or participatory situations whether it be picketing, leafletting, sit-ins, guerilla theater, or even giving testimony at legislative hearings. Some Greens are not really adept or interested in delving into the analysis and solutions and developing and publicizing The Green Point of View, that is the work of the Green Insitiute. In other words, not all Greens are going to be active in all arenas of Green activity. This is completely understandable given the complexities of human nature and the fact that we all have much to do in our lives. When we understand this, we see that the Triad represents not weakness and division, but rather strength and cooperation.

It might be helpful to look at some examples of how the branches of the Triad are defined and what they do.



The Electoral work of the Maine Greens consists of setting up structures to promote Green values thru the electoral process and related activities. This includes the establishment of a Maine Green Party, recruiting candidates to run as Greens, and to using the structures required by Party status to better organize the Maine Greens. Examples include:



The Educational work of the Maine Greens is involved in study, analysis, research and education around Green values. This includes defining and describing current events from a Green perspective, whether they be on a global, national, state, county or neighborhood level. Some of these results may be passed on to people doing Electoral or Direct Action work. Educational work also includes developing understanding among---and co-operative relations with---other groups identified as having goals or issues in common with the Greens. Some education examples include:


Direct Action:

Direct Action is a term that covers many types of activity. It includes taking a stand on issues such as giving public testimony at a legislative hearing, writing letters to and/or calling public officials to express your opinion, gathering signatures for referendum petitions and candidates, initiating or engaging in community planning, community and personal recycling or child care, small and micro business development, engaging in sit-ins or picketing where wrongful activities are being practiced, organic farming and gardening, fundraising work, and other non-armchair activities. Some direct action examples include:

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