The Linux Users Group at NC State University

Our Purpose:

To promote the use and usability of Linux in the NCSU Community.

Important Projects!



Welcome to the home page! We have now been a group for more than four years. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 5 at 7:45pm in 112 Tompkins Hall (pending successful reservation with Registration and Records, of course). As always, anyone is welcome to attend. (That's the building across from the Bruegger's on Hillsborough St.) Check the campus map if you're having trouble.) Normally, we meet biweekly on the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month, but you can check the meeting schedule for any changes. Our discussions are aimed at all levels of users. If you are interested in joining LUG or just like Linux you might want to join one of our mailing lists.

For a thorough introduction to Linux, check out Greg Hankins' Linux Documentation Project home page. You can also send us e-mail if you have questions about the club or something more esoteric. We also have a local mirror of the Linux Documentation Project, including the Hypertext Howtos, and we have the obligatory Linux Site Hotlist page here, too. Note also that the NCSU Bookstores and BookStar in Cary now carry copies of the Linux Journal.

(nsd/3 December 1998)