"The electronic revolution has given birth to a concurrent one: the communication revolution."
                  Brian C. White

        Verisim is dedicated to bringing business and entertainment content to the Internet. We work hard and play harder!

Free Software

We come from the net! While Verisim makes its business selling software over and for the Internet, we strongly believe in the "free" nature of the 'net and support it as much as is feasable. To this end, Verisim is a supporter of the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution, including a searchable index of their site. We have also released and support the following free software:

Signature Generating Tool

Ever wanted to have a random quote placed automatically into your email signature? Ever have trouble formatting it and lining up columns for text of differing lengths? If so, then Signify is for you. All those complex looking signatures are now a snap to build!

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