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(Jan 17 06:45) [Somebody].
(Jan 17 05:44) [Lady_Sirus_Daughter_of_Maya]*decides to pop in and join in this quiant conversation.. hello
(Jan 17 04:27) [Nobody]***leaves, bbl***
(Jan 17 03:54) [<!--icq:"12954607" e-mail:"">Nobody]***walks in***
(Jan 17 03:02) [Somebody]poop?
(Jan 17 02:33) [Unhappy interface robot: 20713800021]Oh poop.
(Jan 17 02:33) [Unhappy interface robot: 20713800021]Anyone? Anyone?
(Jan 17 01:51) [key]Opps! nevermind. I thought someone was actually here :( oh well, my ride's here. I'm finally getting out of this leaky house! (which means I get to pick up the next vol of gunnm ^_~) **bounces out of the room happily**
(Jan 17 01:43) [key]brb
(Jan 16 19:00) [MorNinGHaND]sorry, I mean: heya-'hoh, my battlecry ;-)
(Jan 16 18:38) [MorNinGHaND]heya-hoo
(Jan 16 15:41) [Unhappy interface robot: 20713800021]Such a wonderful feeling it must be, to be made out of Foam.
(Jan 16 15:37) [Unhappy interface robot: 20713800021]Rats!
(Jan 16 15:36) [Unhappy interface robot: 20713800021]Good evening.
(Jan 16 15:23) [Sungazer]Maybe I'll just bag it and do some writing tomorrow.
(Jan 16 15:22) [Sungazer]Viggen--if you get this, you'd probably better send anything you've sent so far to, it doesn't look like gunnm-seraphim is quite ready for mail yet.
(Jan 16 15:21) [Sungazer]Kinda I the only person who has so little life as to be here right now?
(Jan 16 15:20) [Sungazer]???
(Jan 16 14:07) [Somebody]Null
(Jan 16 13:53) [Somebody]HAHAHAHA!!!! I AM SOMEBODY!!!!!! YES!!!!! *sniffs* then why do I feel like a nobody then?
(Jan 16 13:25) [Nick15]Snug?
(Jan 16 12:39) [Jasberg]is well done
(Jan 16 12:02) [Somebody]lolo?
(Jan 16 12:00) [key]WAHOO!!!! first home cooked meal in weeks! I'm sorry but this is to good to pass up. BBL
(Jan 16 11:44) [Cell]DIE !!!! Kamehamehaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!
(Jan 16 11:43) [Cell]Hello?
(Jan 16 11:43) [Cell]Hi! Everybody!
(Jan 16 11:35) [key](from downscroll) So there was only 8 videos for BGC? I'm so happy to hear that! I thought I might have missed more important episodes..... Did they have a new anamation crew come in around ep. 5? It seems like the drawings changed (for the better ^_^) Or maybe it was just me..... **continues to lrk**
(Jan 16 11:25) [key]that is one kick ass picture..... **re-lrks**
(Jan 16 11:19) [Cerebus]Hit and run... *Out.*
(Jan 16 11:11) [key]I BACK! **lrks** =P
(Jan 16 11:06) [Bud]ah aha ha
(Jan 16 10:46) [Viggen]Ah well, I really shouldn't leave the phone tied up. I'll be back later *gone*
(Jan 16 10:43) [Viggen]*lurking* Damn... How does he kick like that?!
(Jan 16 10:38) [Viggen]*watches Jet Li's "Deady China Hero"*
(Jan 16 10:27) [Viggen]Oh well, more lurking *sigh*
(Jan 16 10:26) [Viggen]Ahh... I missed a fellow lurker! Dang!
(Jan 16 10:20) [Lazy Hand]I'll stop lurking and go home. Have a good one, Viggen *gone*
(Jan 16 10:12) [Viggen]*lurking*
(Jan 16 10:11) [Viggen]I think I'll lurk for a while
(Jan 16 10:11) [Viggen]Man, one needs a log book to keep track of all the different names that come through here.
(Jan 16 10:02) [jifu]*gone*
(Jan 16 10:02) [jifu]ie, see ya later everyone...
(Jan 16 10:01) [jifu]ja mata minna!
(Jan 16 10:01) [jifu]translation: me to, this thing is expensive...
(Jan 16 10:01) [Vision]It's okay, jifu-san. *gone*
(Jan 16 10:00) [jifu]boku mo, koremono ga takai dayo!
(Jan 16 10:00) [jifu]soka...gomen ne vision-san.
(Jan 16 09:59) [Vision]Anyway, I need to go. Ja ne minna!
(Jan 16 09:59) [Vision]I know a little japanese... *pout*
(Jan 16 09:58) [jifu]jazzu mo shiteru? dakara onagi ne! translation: i don't know at all, you know japanese? you know jazz? therefore we're even(the same)...
(Jan 16 09:57) [Vision]Nene Romanov is the Goddess Eternal.
(Jan 16 09:56) [Lazy Hand]gotta get into heavy lurk mode, otherwise I won't be able to go home soon... *heavy lurk mode*
(Jan 16 09:56) [jifu]zen zen, nihongo shiteru?
(Jan 16 09:56) [Vision]Hey Avatar... long time no see.
(Jan 16 09:55) [jifu]well i don't know about god...john coltrane is approaching god...
(Jan 16 09:55) [Vision]Jifu: You don't know X-Japan? I mean, I can understand you not knowing the singers from "Key the Metal Idol", or knowing the 80s band SHOW, but X-Japan?? Cripes!
(Jan 16 09:55) [jifu]miles davis was...he's dead now...
(Jan 16 09:54) [avatar]miles davis is god
(Jan 16 09:54) [jifu]sore minasan zen zen wakarinai, ie, all those people i don't know at all..
(Jan 16 09:54) [Vision]I love the moment when Priss appears from out of the ball of fire...
(Jan 16 09:53) [avatar]tries to remember who miles davis is??!!!
(Jan 16 09:53) [Lazy Hand]her death was indeed very impressive. and how Priss finally had no choice but to kill her. heavy stuff
(Jan 16 09:52) [jifu]translation; oh really, NO WAY! you don't know Miles Davis? he's one of the greatest Jazz artists ever!
(Jan 16 09:52) [Vision]Jazz artist? Never was much for Jazz... I'm more the Thrash-Metal type...
(Jan 16 09:52) [Vision]Jifu: tell me what you think of Chiyako Shibahara, SHOW, and Mima Tokiko
(Jan 16 09:51) [jifu]ah so desu ka? USO! Davis-san kimi wakarinai? sagoi jazzu artist dayo!
(Jan 16 09:49) [Vision]LazyHand: Yeah, 5 and 6. Sylvie and Anri's episodes. Those two, back to back, are my all time favorite anime. I watched them again today... Sylvie's death still makes me teary-eyed.
(Jan 16 09:49) [jifu]dono ongaku? sono uta, what kind of music are those songs...
(Jan 16 09:48) [Vision]jifu: those aren't song titles.. those are OVA titles.. of BGC. I was asking Lasy Hand about that. But... what thinks you of X-Japan?
(Jan 16 09:47) [Lazy Hand]Are these #5 and #6? I can't say yet which ones I like best. I'll have to watch it again. But Sylvie's very pretty ^_^
(Jan 16 09:47) [Vision]Um... okay. *tries to remember who Miles Davis is...*
(Jan 16 09:47) [jifu]moonlight rambler to red eyes wa wakarinai dayo. ie...i don't know those songs...
(Jan 16 09:46) [jifu]translation: kind of blue is not a song, it's an album by miles davis..
(Jan 16 09:45) [Vision]What'd you think of "Moonlight Rambler" and "Red Eyes"???
(Jan 16 09:45) [jifu]kind of blue "saungu" ja nai. miles davis no arubemu dayo
(Jan 16 09:44) [Vision]You've seen it all, LH?!? YEAH! *pockets the GLOCK and gives FH a hug*
(Jan 16 09:44) [Vision]Ah! you're translating... ^_^
(Jan 16 09:43) [Lazy Hand]Vision: I bought the DVD-Series of BGC I told you about. And I've finally seen all the 8 episodes. I tell you, girl, revenge is a dangerous poison...
(Jan 16 09:43) [Vision]*thinks* That song sounds awfully familiar, jifu...
(Jan 16 09:43) [jifu]translation: nihongo renshu = japanese practise
(Jan 16 09:42) [jifu]ima "kind of blue" kite imasu.
(Jan 16 09:42) [Vision]*glances at jifu's recent posts and wishes she knew more japanese...*
(Jan 16 09:41) [jifu]HAI! nihongo renshu! hai dozo
(Jan 16 09:40) [Vision]*dyes her bangs green*
(Jan 16 09:40) [Lazy Hand]watch your mouth, you arrogant sod ^_~. I was just teasing her
(Jan 16 09:39) [Reika Chang]*places a GLOCK against LH's forhead* Do not make fun of a "Vision and the Revengers" song.
(Jan 16 09:39) [jifu]email suru ne! onegai shimasu
(Jan 16 09:38) [jifu]nihongo o shaberu?
(Jan 16 09:38) [Lazy Hand]"Yes!"
(Jan 16 09:38) [Seimy]you too
(Jan 16 09:38) [Reika Chang]Mata ne (again) Seimy-san!
(Jan 16 09:38) [jifu]ja mata, oyasumi nasai
(Jan 16 09:38) [Reika Chang]LH: Wake up you blind sod. I'm here.
(Jan 16 09:37) [Seimy]see you, bye Jifu
(Jan 16 09:37) [Seimy]bye bye matane
(Jan 16 09:37) [Reika Chang]"Say yes!" Kinoo yori mo atsuku ikiru dake, "Say yes!" Iyasenai kodoku o shitta kara. "Say yes!" Kimi ni kikoeru nara kotaete.... "I can be, I can do, I can sing, I can live." Todoite: "You can be, you can do, you can sing, you can live." Kotaete: "I can be, I can do, I can sing, I can live."
(Jan 16 09:37) [Seimy]It sounds like a good trade
(Jan 16 09:36) [jifu]ok see ya seimy...
(Jan 16 09:36) [Seimy]BYe Jifu

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