The Anti-Titanic Webring

Ring is for Anti-Titanic Sites Only. Meaning: The only way
you can get into this ring is if you have an Anti-Titanic
Site...not just because you yourself are
Anti-Titanic. No exceptions. I am not saying I don't like your
webpage if you don't get in, I'm saying it can't be in
my webring because it doesn't fill the requirements.

Use the form below to submit your site to the queue. The
submission does not mean you are in the ring yet. You won't be in
the ring until I visit your site and possibly decide to
put you there. I do reserve the right not to put a site in
my webring but I'll try to be tolerent. If you have a good
site then you're most likely in. If you get in, I'll
email you all the necessary HTML stuff and instructions on how to
get the navigation ring on your page. You'll also need to
copy the above graphic into your index file. The only real
requirements are it has to be an Anti-Titanic site,
naturally. If it was a pro-Titanic site it would be pointless to
put you on here but I think everyone is intellegent enough
to understand. Below the submit form is an edit site
info form. If you are in the ring already, you can edit
the info about your site in the ring from this. Well,
that's about it. Good luck!

*Ringmaster Jennifer*
I like the sound of that!

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