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(or A Beginner's Guide to Web Page Design)

Step #1:
Go to the free web page provider of your choice and register for a free web page.
I need a web page so easy a monkey could design it.
Check out some free web page providers here.

Step #2:
Get yourself one of those HTML editor things so you can do some fancy stuff.
What the heck is HTML?
Gimme one of those HTML editor thingies.

Step #3:
Let folks Email you and sign your guestbook.
Get Free Email
Will anybody give me a free guestbook?

Step #4:
Let everybody know how to find your web page.
You mean I have to register it?
I need some way to get the word out.

OK, #5:
I know I said there were four easy steps; but you're still here, now aren't you? I guess you need some more help.
Isn't there any more software?
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Be sure to visit WebWords - Free Web Page Graphics & Design Tips !!!

Some places charge for some things, and others start charging after their free stuff gets too popular. I try to give you only the best links with mostly free stuff. If you get into paying for something because you didn't read the fine print, don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, by the way, be sure you read the fine print on stuff that might not be free after all. Here's a clue: If it asks for a credit card number, it's probably not free. Also, don't ask me for technical support. This site is a WYSIWYG site. I'm no expert anyway, and there are plenty of them out there. As I find places that do offer such advice for free, I'll post them on this page. If you know of any, Drop me a line
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These are the easiest web page providers to get up on; but they're very limited in what you can do with them. Not much space, not many graphics, and no more than one or two pages.
The Easiest Web Page Providers
Free Home Page
One Minute Web Page
Tool Box
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Web Page Providers
These web page providers have more to offer. You may have anywhere from 200k to 2 megs of space for free (some may even offer more for free, and lots more for a small fee). You'll probably be able to put several pages on one server. You should be able to upload your own graphics and sounds. Many also provide graphics, counters, and lots of help. Some have their own upload programs. With most, you'll be able to upload via ftp, if you prefer.
Free Webpage Provider Review Best! The Best! The Best! Great Review!
Booyah Net
Clear View Creations by Rob Eastham
Cybercity Best!
CyQuest  Best! Best!
Dandee World's Free Home Page Design Page
Eccentrica  Best! Best!
Free Home Page @ Achievement International
***** Free HomePages for All. ***** NEW!  Must see!
FreePage Homepage Creator
FreeWeb Home Page
Free WebHosting
Free WebHosting @ DragonFire
Free Webpage Provider Review @ Booyah Net
Free Webpage Sites
 FREE Websites
Geocities Best! Best! Best!
Home on the Web
HowdyNeighbor.Com Best!
Idea Digital Pistols
Internet Dream Team
Phrantic Project
Serge's Directory of Free Homepages
Top Town Best!
Totally Free Stuff!! Free Web Pages Best!
Towne Square 2000 Best!
Web Publishing Sites
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What is HTML?
HTML is the way your instructions are written for the computer so the it knows what to do with all your stuff. It's the way you tell the computer what you want on your web page, where you want it, what you want it to look like, and where the computer can find it.
With your HTML editor software, you will be able to design your webpage on your computer before you submit it to the World Wide Web. You can save it on your hard drive, preview it with your web browser, and edit it before it goes out to millions of other people. Cool, huh?
Start with an easy browser. Hot Dog is pretty easy. If you know of a simpler one, drop me a line
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HTML Tutorials & Helps
 90 - Make a WebPage in 90 seconds.
ABS - Web Site Promotion, Design, CGI Scripts, and Free Java
Addicted to HTML
A Word or Two about Validation
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Beginner's Arena
Beginner's Guide to HTML
Best of HTML and JavaScript
CNET - How to - Know the Code: HTML for Beginners Best!
Dave Central: Web Authoring - HTML Tutorials Best! Best!
Gordon Hake's W3 Writer - A Basic HTML Tutorial
Guides to HTML
HTML and WWW pages: Making It Happen
HTML Bad Style Page
HTML Checker
HTML Class Special Links
HTML Documentation
HTML Goodies Domain Home Page
HTML: HyperText Markup Language Best! Best! Best!
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
HTML Information Page
HTML Quick Reference
HTML Reference Manual
HTML Resources from Booyah Net
HTML Resources
HTML3 Manual of Style Best!
HTML Tips & Tricks
HTML Tutorial with Guided Hypertext Best!
HTML Tutorial
HTML Writers Guild Website
Intermediate HTML Best!
Introduction to HTML Best!
Introduction to HTML Best!
Learning HTML
Lessons (Writing HTML: A Tutorial for Creating WWW Pages - Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction)
NCSA-A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
OneWorld/SingaNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - Writing HTML Documents Best!
So You Want A Searchable Database, Huh?
Volition to Publish on the Web - Resource Guide
Web/HTML/Tutorials -
Web Page Workshop Best!
Writing HTML: A Tutorial for creating WWW Pages Best!
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide [Java] (An understandable and useful guide to website design.)
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Basic HTML Tags
Basic Set of HTML Tags (Digital Library SunSITE)
Compact Index of HTML Tags - The Willcam Group
Complete Guide to HTML - About HTML Tags
Dictionary of Common HTML Tags
HTML Tags for Enhanced Cataloging
HTML Tags - HTML Specifications
HTML Tags - The Reference
Quickie Reference for HTML tags
Reference HTML Tags A-I   K-Z
Summary of HTML Tags
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HTML Editors and Where to Find Them
Big List of HTML Editors
Brent's Framed HTML Resource Page
HomeSite moved to Homesite 3.0 Best!
HTML and Page Editing Overview
HTML Editors
HTML Editors for Windows
(The New) Mag's Big List of HTML Editors
Sausage Software Home Page Best!
 TextPad - the text editor for Windows Everyone is raving about this one, and it's FREE to download! (Shareware)
Yahoo! - HTML Editors
The easiest HTML editor on the face of the Earth!
Netscape Navigator Gold Best!
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Email links the World!
You can get free Email service from some web page providers, or from one of these:
Business Professional Services
Email Tricks
Free @ Email
Free Web Mail
GeoCities Free Member Email Information
Hotmail Best!
Juno Free Internet E-Mail
Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
NetAddress! Best!
ProMotion - Free Animated Email Button
RocketMail Best!
Search The List of Lists
SetNet Mail
Support Net
World Wide Design Group
WWW Emails
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Email Forwarding is a great way to avoid having to change your Email address
Have you ever moved, changed ISP, or just decided you hate your Email address?
The solution is simple. Get a new Email address that will forward all you Email wherever you want. If you're going on a trip, and need to keep up with your Email, just have it sent there. If you want to keep your Email private; but be able to use someone else's computer to retrieve it, have it forwarded to one of the web-based Email accounts from the providers listed above. Changing ISP? No problem. Your friends keep Emailing to the forwarding address they always have been, and you just notify the service where to send it now.
Bigfoot Best!
 CollegeClub! NEW!
iName Best!
NetForward Best!
PersonalEmail Company
Star Mail
For other FREE Email Resources  Absolutely FREE E-Mail NEW!
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Will anyone give me a FREE Guestbook?
You bet!
The World Famous Guestbook and CGI Shop
Dreambook ... Free Guestbook Server Best!! Best! Best!
KOMY@USA - FREE Guestbook - The World Famous Guestbook Server
Paradise Guestbook Server (Consolidated Web Services) - Formerly Pergatory II
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Yes, you must register to get hits!
You will need to register your web page with search engines, links pages, etc. so people can find you on the web. This also gives you the opportunity to make your statement known. You can put a little bit of information about your website on most search engines. You can pay someone to do this for you, or do it yourself lots of places for free. To figure out where to register it first, think of where you would look to find a web page like yours.
TIP: Keep a list of places you have registered your web page. Later you may want to register it lots of other places, and you don't need to register it more than once in the same place (people kind of get mad when you do that).
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Make your Web Presence Known!
Register with these search engines and other places to advertise your web page.
Nobody will know it's out there if you don't tell them.
Click Here!!! Student Internet & Webmaster Tools  Best! For Free Website Promotion Tips and Tools
Including Free Submit URL Sites & Free Web Tools
@Submit! - Free URL Registrations US WebSites Best! Best!
ABS - Easy Submit Best! Best! Best!
Add Me! Best!
AddURL Best!
Advertising on Usenet
!A Great Web Exposure!
A1 Advertising & Marketing Services Directory of FREE WebPage Promotion Sites
Banner Link
Complete Web Links Page
How To Announce Your New Web Site FAQ
Infohiway: Surf-N-Search Engine Home Page
Internet Link Exchange
LinkMaster Web Search - WWW Free Announce
List of Search Engines, Business Directories, & Yellow Pages
Matt's Script Archive - Free For All Link Pages Around the World
Mother of All Free Links!
PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!
QwikLaunch Web Site Announcer Best!
Submit It! Best!
Submit Your URL to the WebStep Top 100 Free Listings
WebTips - FREE Web Site Promotion
What's New Too!
WWWhere - Add a site
Then see if your web page is being promoted successfully
PositionAgent - Monitor The Ranking Of URL/Keyword Listings On The Search Engines
Find out if your web site (with selected keywords)
is prominently listed in the top 5 pages of the leading dozen search engines
and directories (and the top 20 pages of AltaVista and Yahoo).
RANK THIS! The Online Tool and Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion
Anyone can go to RankThis, type in their URL,
then type in the words that they think people will use to find them on a search engine,
and lastly click on the icon of the search engine they want to check.
RankThis then tells you where you "Rank" on that particular search engine!
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More Help!
50,000 FREE!!! Cool Graphics: Clip Art, Backgrounds, Animations, Icons
Angelfire Graphics
Animated Gif Pages
Animated Gif's
Animated Gif's Index
Animated Mailboxes
Background Colors
Backgrounds ***
Backgrounds by Carel
Brack's 88x31 Icon Depository
Caboodles Animated Gif Page
Calgary Explorer - Groovy Stuff
Clip Art Collection
Dandee World Free Graphics
Deb's Web
 Downloadable Graphics & Clipart NEW!!!
FREE Backgrounds and Wallpapers
Free Backgrounds set 4
Free Graphics by Leigh Callon NEW!!!
Free Graphics By Syruss - Main Page. Bars, Buttons, Backgrounds and More!
Free Webpage Designs
 Jelane's Free Web Graphics Coordinated set of graphics. NEW!!!
Multimedia Resources: Free for the Taking
Neysa's Unicorn Picture Page *
OVER THE RAINBOW: Tons of Free Clipart ***
Textures Unlimited !
Valentine's Day Clipart Gallery
WebWords - Free Web Page Graphics & Design Tips *****
Webgifs - Home Page - Frames
Highway 61 search results for: free backgrounds
Be sure to read the terms of use for free graphics.
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HTML Validation Checkers
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
HTML Validation Tools
HTML Validators
NetMechanic - HTML Check
NetMechanic - Link Check
Weblint Gateway
WebTechs Validation Service
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Information ...:HTML:Validation/Checkers
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML:Validation/Checkers
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Web Authoring Tools & Counters
Authoring Tools and Tips for Web Design
Creating Killer Websites Online
Extreme Net Toolz
 Great GEOCITIES Resources for Your WEB Page
HAC Homepages class: TOOLS
JavaCount Web Counter
Misc. Web Authoring Tools
Virtual Log Reporting, Web page and link counter
Website Development Page
Web Tools (
World Wide Web Tools
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Website Help
A Plus Art
A Tutorial on Web Basics
Brack's Page of Random Foolishness
Building a Killer Web Page
Building a Web Page
Creating Net Sites
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Database to WWW Applications
Features - Techno - Gif89a
Form Tutor - Introduction
Frames Tutor - Introduction
Free Perl Scripts
GeoCities Home Page Resource Guide
GizmoNET BBS WWW Help Module
Glipo's How To Make Links: Home
Hottips Home Page
HP Links
I C You See
Infoseek Web Kit
JASC Web Developers Forum
Microsoft FrontPage 97 Beta Information
MousHous: Personal Home Page
NETLiNkS! Newbie Help Link
Pursuing Page Publishing
So You Want A Searchable Database, Huh?
Table Tutor - Introduction
The Angus Company
The HomePage Source
The Internet Link Exchange
The PowerWorks Zone
The Proper Meta Tags
The Search Page
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
The WebGuru's Own Dark Secrets
Viper's Alley Home Page
Web Post
WebAid Service - Your friend on the Web
Web Counter Home Page
WebMastery: Home Page
Webspinner's Workshop
Welcome to Riddler!
What's New Too! Why? Network
Xiaomu's Internet Apps
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web
ADU: Main Page
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Website Promotion & Advertising
07 Tips for Promoting Your Site - The World Wide Internet Community
PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!
WPRC Website Promoters Library
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Search Results - Web Authoring
Alta Vista
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~Official Shareware Developers Home Page
Claris Home Page
Coast to Coast Software Respsitory (tm)
Discussion Viewer
GIF Animator for Windows 95
ImageGen: The Picture Page Generator
Internet Magazine's Free Software Finder
Map This Home Page
Neoland's Shareware and Freeware from WEB PAGE DESIGN SERVICES by
The Doctor's list of shareware sites
Web Publishing Wizard
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