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Welcome to Our Vacation!
This web site focuses on my family's 7 day vacation to DisneyWorld from July 24th to July 29th of 1995. I loaded the fam, an Apple QuickTake digital camera and saw the wonderous sites during the day and transferred the images, built web pages, and ftp'ed them back to my server in Houston in the wee hours of the night.

Why in the world would you want to watch me having fun at DisneyWorld while you slave away at work or school or whatever? Beats me... I thought it would be a great web experiment. So kick back and enjoy what I have to offer.

Hit the Daily section to check our progress and don't miss the interactive feedback section. Your comments will be added automatically and you can browse what others have entered. Other cool links included!

If you want a little background on our merry band, who's on the trip & such, then follow this link.

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Against my better judgement, here is the photo of us snapped on the Twilight Zone themed, Tower of Terror ride. They shot this right as they drop you 13 stories straight down.

During the week we were on vacation, these pages and the images on them were all posted live. Now that we're home I've edited the text for the past tense.

If you'd like me to document your resort, festival, theme park or holiday hideway on the web in a similiar or more elaborate fashion, give me a shout. Sometimes I work in trade just for the vacaton.

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Hungry for more? Recently we went to Texas Renaissance Festival and guess what? I made a snappy set of pages filled with QuickTime video clips and lots of stills for that trip as well.
Check it out!

Guess What?!?
We're Having a Baby!