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Getting Help

*Account Policies and Information for New Users
Are you eligible for an account on the Leland System? How do you get a Leland Account or SUNet ID? What do you absolutely need to know in order to use your account? Here are the essential answers to these questions and pointers to some introductory UNIX documentation.

*Services We Provide
Sweet Hall Consultants provide support for the Leland System, a distributed network of UNIX computers. We consult with Stanford University students and employees about account policies, UNIX , AFS, the use of software available on the Leland System, and remote access procedures.

*Contacting the Consultants
The Consulting Desk has open hours listed at the top of this page. During these hours, you are welcome to phone or to come by (see map) and ask your questions in person. If the Consulting Desk is closed, the best means of reaching us is through e-mail. Questions sent to consult@leland.stanford.edu are automatically posted to the public newsgroup su.computers.consult, where they are read and answered by DCC Consultants and interested volunteers.

*Introductory Classes
Every quarter of the regular school year, DCC offers a series of introductory classes on UNIX and Internet tools. Here are descriptions of these classes and the current course schedule.

Helpful Information

* About the Cluster
Sweet Hall is the primary UNIX cluster on campus and our machines are used by the entire Stanford community for classes and unsponsored research. Here is some information about the cluster and the various machines in the Leland System.

*Special Features of the Leland System
The Leland System differs from a standard UNIX system in a number of ways. Some of these differences affect file permissions, e-mail, command shells, and quota. Here's some information on the differences.

*Remote ACCESS to Stanford
Helpful information for you and your modem.

*Leland System Software
This is a non-exhuastive reference of software available on the Leland System, from the UNIX operating system to the programs which run on top of it. We also provide some hints on using some of this software and answer some common questions about mail and AFS and other things.

*System-Specific Questions
If you have a question about a system not maintained as part of the Leland System, we don't necessarily know the answer to your question. However, over time we have gathered a variety of information about these systems, so we offer what we do know and hope that you will find it useful.


*Consultants' Resources
Here is a master index into the information compiled by the DCC Consultants. If your question isn't answered by any of the information above, look here.

*Other Campus Computing Services
DCC is just one of the groups at Stanford which handles computer consulting. Here is an overview of computing resources for the Stanford University community.

*World Computing Resources
There's a wealth of information out there. This is a selective list of things we've stumbled across and found interesting.


This information is important but it dates quickly.
*Leland System Announcements
Link to the Leland administrators' website's announcements section. Leland Systems is responsible for maintaining the Unix workstations in Sweet Hall and for providing campus computer infrastructure services such as email, news, the AFS distributed file system, and the pubsw public software tree.

* Dialin and Networking Service Announcements
Downtime, upgrades, and other changes affecting those who dialin to Stanford and those who use Stanford's network backbone (i.e., most of us).

*Consult Web Announcements (6 Jan 1998)
Major changes to these web pages.

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