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21 Jan 1999: The FreeDOS Manifesto has been moved to the web site. Check it out! Includes translations into several languages.

18 Jan 1999: Interested in the Freemacs editor, a GNU Emacs clone for DOS? Check out all the documentation that we've added in the FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) Mini HOWTOs section.

17 Jan 1999: Check out the MacBochs project, a PC emulator for the Macintosh, to see FreeDOS in action!

17 Jan 1999: Steve Miller reports that he was able to build the FreeDOS Kernel system, using Borland Turbo-C. People have been asking if the kernel will compile under different compilers, so I thought this was cool. newsitem024

17 Jan 1999: Jim Hall comments on the FreeDOS Spec. newsitem023.

17 Jan 1999: In response to questions on the mailing list, we have a simple piece of code for swapping out your memory to disk in order to spawn a process with full memory. technote010

9 Jan 1999: Information on how to create a bootable CD-ROM using FreeDOS! technote009

9 Jan 1999: A FreeDOS success story. Great news for FreeDOS! newsitem022

3 Jan 1999: There are some workarounds available for some missing documentation with the FreeDOS kernel. technote008

1 Jan 1999: The FreeDOS web site has been re-designed. Some links have moved. If you have bookmarks into the old site, you may need to update them.

17 Dec 1998: The FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) page has been moved to the site! FD-DOC aims to produce high-quality documentation for all aspects of FreeDOS.

I'll try to keep about a month's worth of important FreeDOS news on this page. For more news, see the News archive.


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