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Tuesday, December 22 , 1998

Some changes
Well, if you haven't already found out I've been shipped over to the Bot Emporium. What does this mean? It means that I will be making some kick ass guides, and helping around over there. You can check out my most recent guide on the Gladiator Bot available at the Bot Emporium. It's very detailed, and even explains the use of the bspc tool. So check it out! You can still visit this page, infact I encourage you too, but dont expect very many more updates, if any at all. Now you should go the Bot Emporium for your bot needs. So long...

Thursday, December 10 , 1998

Hi! Big News!
Hello everyone! I know I said that I wouldn't update again but I had some free time and I couldn't resist the chance to update the page. I am happy to see that Bot Lair still recieves a steady flow of hits regardless of the closing, thanks a lot! I'm also happy to see the way the bot community is progressing. KRYPTYK has made some great improvements on his awesome RAMBOT and Mr. Elusive the creator of the infamous Omicron bot for Quake 1 has made a triumphant return with the release of his new Quake 2 bot named the Gladiator Bot. Also the Bot Epidemic now has a domain name and is located at www.botepidemic.com and there is a new bot page on the scene called the Quake 2 Bot Emporium. It has a sleek design and is an overall good page. Also I have changed my e-mail to degenx_pac@hotmail.com, if you send an e-mail dont expect a reply until the weekend. And for the big news I have been debating on wether or not I should make a new bot page. A new bot page you ask? What's wrong with this one you say? Well I was thinking of making a new bot page dedicated to being a "resource" as you might like to call it. Basically it will offer all that Bot Lair has but without the daily news, well, because I dont have the time for that. This page would be sort of a help center that will offer a detailed faq, guides, and anything else I could think of to offer for all the bot lovers. It wouldn't be anything too exciting but I just cant stand to be away from the gaming scene. This page is not a guarantee that's why I'm asking for all of you to e-mail me your thoughts on the idea. If I do happen to make a new page it probably wont be up until sometime during x-mas break. If it happens I will update this page with a link, otherwise this is most definitely the last update.
-Genocyde, the final update?

Saturday, September 26 , 1998

Well I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but, i'm closing down Bot Lair. I'm going to give the excuse that just about every webmaster gives when they shut down their pages, I simply can't find the time to maintain the page. Finding a replacement webmaster was too hard and when I finally did it just didn't work out, it's not the same anyways. I'd also like to say that this experience has been fun. I'll also try and leave the page up for as long as possible. Now for some fun facts... Many people don't know this but this was my 3rd attempt at a bot page, I slowly got more experienced with making web pages and Bot Lair was my first sucessful page. Now im gonna do the whole thanking thing in no particular order... c0mpi1e for all his help, Zyfly and Frag.com for being nice enough to host the first incarnation of Bot Lair, Nigel, Blitz and Quake2.com for hosting Bot Lair and giving it that little edge that made it what it is today, Snapper for putting forth the effort to retain Bot Lair, all the bot authors out there for inspiring me to make this page, KRYPTYK and Randar for always sending me nice e-mails, Cube for always helping me out by updating Epidemic, Mr. Baldy for his html and designs tweaks, the visitors of Bot Lair who kept me going, and anyone else out there that im forgetting. So long, it's been fun...
-Genocyde, the final update

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