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Arbortext provides solutions tailored to your industry.

Enterprises face an ever-increasing problem in product information delivery time to market. The proliferation of incompatible systems and multiple document formats means that only half of technical documentation time is spent creating information. The rest is spent revising the same information in multiple locations, transforming printed information into online information, and recreating information that already exists.

These inefficiencies can delay delivery of new products to market while doubling costs.  We´ve taken a hard line on reducing these costs.  How? By developing specific, effective software to streamline the product information chain, industry by industry.


In today’s marketplace, speed and responsiveness are competitive advantages. Every second counts when your goal is first to market. Systems for the product information chain can make the difference.


– Russ Rauhauser, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Lucent Technologies

Since 1991, Arbortext has worked with 250 leading enterprises worldwide to deliver product information chain solutions. Recognizing the magnitude and importance of product information chain problems, clients including manufacturing companies, service providers, publishers, and government organizations have leveraged Arbortext products and services to dramatically cut time to market and improve service delivery.

Arbortext has worked hand-in-hand with these and hundreds of other clients to successfully build and deploy product information chain solutions.

Arbortext is adapting Epic’s framework to serve the needs of a wide variety of industries. The first release targets the needs of the computing and telecommunications industries by embodying workflows, data models, and vertical industry standards.

Arbortext will continually roll in support for additional industries on an ongoing basis. Openings in our Early Adopter Program for each new industry that we support will be strictly limited. Innovative organizations eager to be the first within their industry to adopt Epic should contact us for details.

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