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Since 1991, Arbortext has supplied its world class authoring and publishing tools to organizations that have built customized systems to support the product information chain. Our customers include the largest and most innovative organizations in manufacturing, publishing, and government.

Through our consulting services, we have accumulated more best practice experience in our field than any other company in the world.


With almost no training, our editors and producers were able to use Arbortext software to structure as well as edit documents within a day of our receipt of the trial version.


 – Matt Turner, Manager Applications Development, PC World Online


Arbortext Products

Epic – An open, scalable, standards based solution

Arbortext now offers Epic, a framework that incorporates best practices and best-of-breed tools from Arbortext and other leading suppliers. Through Epic, you gain a complete solution that was previously obtainable only through a consulting engagement at a much higher cost.

When you buy Epic, you gain a complete system for creating, updating, managing, and delivering product information, and backed by expert installation, configuration, and training services from Arbortext and our Certified Epic Solutions Partners.

The ADEPT Series

  • ADEPT Series -- Supports XML and SGML authoring and page publishing on Windows-based PCs and UNIX-based workstations.
  • ADEPT·Editor -- Allows authors to write text, place graphics and create books, manuals, catalogs, encyclopedias, and similar types of information. Also, ADEPT’s Willow technology enables tight integration between ADEPT and document management systems.
  • ADEPT·Publisher -- Includes all the capabilities of ADEPT·Editor plus page composition. ADEPT·Publisher automatically lays out pages by balancing the need for page fullness with the need to keep related elements together to provide a powerful tool for increasing author productivity.
  • Document·Architect – Provides an application development tool to build DTDs (Document Type Definitions), design stylesheets, and customize the behavior of ADEPT.

Arbortext Services

When companies revolutionize their publishing processes, they want more than an off-the-shelf solution. Arbortext offers a full suite of services to supplement and enhance Epic, including training, consulting, its Quick Start Program, top-notch technical support, and user forums.

  • Training – Arbortext’s highly rated training team offers a range of standard courses that cover not only each of our products but also more general courses on XML and SGML. In addition, the training team creates and delivers completely customized courses, tailored to specific company needs. There are also “Train the Trainer” options that certify third-party instructors to perform ADEPT training.
  • Consulting Services -- Arbortext provides consulting services to help organizations implement Epic.
  • Quick Start Program -- The QSP is an opportunity for organizations to work side-by-side with the world’s leading experts for two solid weeks with a sole focus on the organization’s unique challenges and requirements. Customers come away from a QSP with new ideas for improving processes, new education about the principles and practical aspects of changing processes, and new confidence implementing those changes successfully.