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About the Sympatico service
Cost and Retail Outlets

The Sympatico Starter Kit costs $29.95*, which includes 100 free hours in the first month, browser software, e-mail software, communications software (The Sympatico Dialer), and up to 24 hour, 7 day toll-free Member Services support.
For ongoing use, the following pricing packages are available:


$9.95/month; includes 5 hours; $1.50 for each additional hour


$24.95/month; includes 60 hours: $1.50 for each additional hour

* suggested retail price

The Sympatico starter kit

A Sympatico starter kit gives you everything you need to get up and running in no time! The starter kit includes all the software you need to register and start surfing, as well as a software installation guide and a book about using the Internet and your Internet software.

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