Cyberia Edinburgh Live WebCam!

Welcome to Cyberia Edinburgh, Scotland's Premier Internet Café!

This image is a constantly refreshed JPEG file - if you only see a static image then your browser is not capable of refreshing automatically. Instead, try using your browser's Reload or Refresh Page facility. The camera supplying the image is an Active Imaging Mv-NET. It has a built-in PC and quite happily sends out whatever it sees twenty four hours a day!

If you can see out of the window: opposite Edinburgh Cyberia are two restaurants. On your left is Balli's Tandoori Restaurant, and to the right is The Patio, the oldest Italian restaurant on Hanover street, and still run by the same family since the 1960's! I'm afraid neither has a website, yet... To the right of Balli's is Thistle street, a skinny lane which runs the length of Edinburgh's New Town. The buildings on the other side of Thistle Street are mainly offices, but some lucky people also live there! The New Town is over two hundred years old (the word 'new' is a relative term, after all...) and is an excellent example of Georgian architecture. For more information, try this site:-

If you can see the inside of the café: those people sitting at the computers are our valued customers. They are mostly writing e-mails, word processing or perhaps chatting on IRC. If you would like to chat with any of them, I'm afraid there is currently no reliable way to reach them, aside from visiting every IRC channel and running a 'finger' on every single person! For lively chat on all things Scottish, try #scotland on your local server. If the channel doesn't exist, start one up! Who knows, perhaps someone you can see will join it!

If you'd like to communicate with the staff of Edinburgh Cyberia, write to:- If you'd like to communicate with the manager, write to:- and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Asking for someone to wave at the camera rarely works, since the e-mail address is only checked once a day, so such requests, whilst welcome, tend to be granted a little late!

Edinburgh Cyberia is open from 10am - 10pm from Monday to Saturday and from 12pm - 7pm on Sundays. You can find further info on the café by visiting our main site:

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Cyberia Edinburgh
88 Hanover Street, Edinburgh EH2 1EL
+44 131 220 4403

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