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Game NewsGame News
October's Best-Sellers
Game News

by GamerX
November 26, 1997, 4 p.m. PT

October's Best-Sellers
October was a trick or a treat month for many game companies, depending on how their games fared on PC Data's top-selling games list. It was a big treat for PC game publishers Brøderbund, EA, and Microsoft--each company had two games land in the top ten.

Surprisingly, some older games that debuted earlier this year or even last year--such as Eidos' Tomb Raider and Blizzard's Diablo--are still raking in sales, while some very high-profile new games are experiencing little time atop the charts. Activision, for example, saw Hexen II in the top ten during September, but in October it was nowhere to be found. At the same time, the company's real-time strategy game, Dark Reign, dropped from number 4 to 14.

In spite of Dark Reign's decline, real-time strategies are doing well at the stores. Age of Empires debuted strong as number 7, while Total Annihilation climbed from number 19 to 15.

If October's list is any indication, RPGs are back. Ultima Online moved up 2 notches to number 9, while Lands of Lore II and Fallout debuted in the 11 and 12 spots, respectively.

But the real surprise of the month was GT Interactive's Deer Hunter, which debuted at number 8. Does the rifle-bearing cousin to fishing games have a crossover appeal to would-be outdoorsmen?

On the Mac, Civilization 2 continues its hold on the number 1 spot. Quake slipped to third, making room for the ever-popular Mac Cube at the number 2 spot. And finally, Starfleet Academy, Dark Forces, and Command & Conquer made strong debuts, rounding out the bottom of the top-ten selling Mac games for October.

PC Games
This Month Title (Publisher) Last Month
1 Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 (Microsoft) 1
2 Riven (Brøderbund) --
3 Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (LucasArts) --
4 Myst (Brøderbund) 2
5 Lego Island (Mindscape) --
6 Command & Conquer: Aftermath (Virgin) 12
7 Age of Empires (Microsoft) --
8 Deer Hunter (GT Interactive) --
9 Ultima Online (Electronic Arts) --
10 NHL Hockey '98 (Electronic Arts) --
11 Lands of Lore II Guardians of Destiny (Virgin) --
12 Fallout (Interplay) --
13 NASCAR II (CUC Software) 6
14 Dark Reign: The Future of War (Activision) 4
15 Total Annihilation (GT Interactive) 19
16 Starfleet Academy (Interplay) 3
17 Barbie Fashion Designer (Mattel) --
18 Diablo (CUC Software) 5
19 Monopoly Game (Hasbro Interactive) 9
20 Tomb Raider (Eidos) 13

Mac Games
This Month Title (Publisher) Last Month
1 Civilization 2 (GT Interactive) 1
2 Mac Cube (Aztech New Media) 3
3 Quake (GT Interactive) 2
4 Duke Nukem 3D Atomic (GT Interactive) 4
5 Master of Orion II (GT Interactive) 7
6 Myst (Brøderbund) 5
7 Tie Fighter Collector's CD (LucasArt) 6
8 Starfleet Academy (Interplay) --
9 Dark Forces (LucasArts) --
10 Command & Conquer (Virgin) --

Source: PC Data, based on units sold in 42 retail and mail-order chains, representing more than 70 percent of the U.S. market.

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