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Famous Covers Uncovered

NEW Guest columnist Rob Rooney takes us through a step by step exploration of the construction of a Famous Covers figure. Take part in this toy vivisection and learn exactly what makes these figures tick. If you are a customizer or just a curious fan, you won't want to miss this in depth article on one of today's hottest toy lines. Click here to find Famous Covers Uncovered!

kisslogo_tn.jpg - 4.2 KKISS This!
NEW You aren't going to want to miss this. Straight from our good friends at the Art Asylum, we can now bring you an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the making of the new KISS figures. From the Art Asylum and Fun 4 All comes these 24-inch figures sold exclusively through Spencer Gifts. We have it all. From the earliest design to the finished product. There is animation and even sound clips from the actual figures. This is stuff you simply can't see in a print magazine. Check it all out by clicking here for a big KISS!

334_tn.jpg - 4.8 K3 3/4" Archives Open
NEW We're proud to debut our latest feature: The 3 3/4" Archives. Our newest team member, Kevin Lentz, has compiled information on some of the most famous action figure series in this popular scale. The Grand Opening features three great archives including Battlestar Galatica, CHiPs, and Universal Monsters. Look for more exciting archives to be added regularly. Click here to explore the 3 3/4" Archives!

hasbrologo_tn.jpg 3.1 K The Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog '99

NEW You enjoyed it here last year and we're proud to bring it to you again. We've selected the best of the Boy's Toys category and made it available to you complete with photos and actual catalog text. Star Wars, Batman, Transformers, G. I. Joe, and much more. If you can't get a hold of one of these cool catalogs, then this is the next best thing! Just click here to begin

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Tis The Season
NEW It's that time of year again! It's time to start thinking about helping someone less fortunate than yourself. We're proud to present a wealth of information about one great program: Toys For Tots. Learn how you can support this historic program. We've provided some of our own tips, an exclusive Toys For Tots message board and even a logo so you can support the program on your own web site. Check it all out right here!

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Interview with Famous Covers Designer

NEW We were fortunate enough to grab some time with the Product Designer for Toy Biz's Famous Covers line, Tom McCormack. In this article Tom discusses the origin of the line right on through to the line's future. Find out a little bit about what it's like to design one of today's most popular collector lines. Click here to read an interview with Tom McCormack

beginguide_tn.jpg - 2.4 K New On-Line Guide for Collectors

NEW From the talent of John Hays comes the Beginner's Guide to Collecting Action Figures. Chock full of great information on nearly every aspect of the hobby from storing your figures to removing those pesky price tags. Even if you are an experienced collector, you'll want to check out this wonderful resource. There is something here for everyone. Just click here to begin exploring the Beginner's Guide to Collecting Action Figures

sdcc98_tn.jpg 10.4 K RTM Does San Diego '98
NEW Check out all the cool toy-related events and happenings that RTM saw at the Comic-Con International in San Diego! Tons of the biggest names in the toy industry joined us for panel discussions. Many new toys were previews there, so come take a look at all the news and photos! Click here for all the coverage! See you there!

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